Plumber: Upgrade shower curtain to a glass door


Q: Ed: I’m looking to replace our tub/shower curtain with a glass door. I’ve noticed there are are a lot of choices to go through. Can you please help me cut through the shower fog and guide me through the basics of ordering a shower door?

— Pam, Pennsylvania

A: When visiting a local home center, know the shower stall measurements and the type of glass door needed. To size up the alcove opening, get side-to-side and top-to-bottom measurements.

If you have a tub and shower unit, measure up from the top deck of the bathtub front wall. Also, take two side-to-side stall measurements, one high one low to check how square the alcove is. Bring along photos as well.

For a door type, aside from custom stalls or steam showers, in most cases you’ll have just a few basic glass door choices: a sliding shower door for large walk-in showers, a swing-out pivot door for smaller shower stalls, and a sliding tub and shower door for combo units.

Finally, you can even add fancy options like decorative finishes and textured glass to give your shower door a touch of class.

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