Technology is the driving force behind progress in all areas and industries and an increase in tech skills. Increasingly, tech developments are used across all fields to help streamline processes and make everything more efficient. From education to supply chains, the latest trends, and from healthcare to shipping companies, everyone […]

Interested in the newest emerging cybersecurity technologies? These are the ones you should definitely keep an eye on! It would be hard for organizations to manage their daily activities in today’s digital world without relying on computerized systems. However, this comes with a disadvantage, as many companies worry about cybersecurity […]

Google today announced the Nest Wifi Pro mesh router, the latest hardware in its once-called Google Wifi lineup. You can pre-order a single unit for $199.99, a 2-pack for $ 299.99, or a 3-pack for $399.99. I’d say the pricing is competitive, and that’s a good thing. If you get […]

Restoring pinball machines is an excellent hobby, and can even be more than that as we see businesses like bars and museums focusing on them as a main attraction. There’s all kinds of intrigue to be found, from esoteric mechanical systems to classic electronics and unique artwork. For those building […]