Find the WiFi Password For Almost Any Airport Lounge Using This Free Map


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Fortunately, we’re at a point where most of the airports in the United States offer free WiFi in some form. Yes, sometimes you have to watch an ad to get there, but it’s there.

That said, sometimes you end up an airport that doesn’t have WiFi, or one that has free WiFi that’s restricted by a time limit. For times like those, the WiFox Google Map can help.

With it, you can search for any airport in the world and see how to connect to the WiFi there.

In some cases, you’re just going to find information about the public WiFi available for everyone. However, in other cases, you might also find the passwords for some of the lounges in the airport as well or details on how to circumvent a time restriction.

For instance, for the Heathrow Airport in London, the map has the passwords for the Premium Lounge, Admirals Cub, Etihad Lounge, Emirates Lounge, Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, and another half a dozen private networks.

Depending on where you’re hanging out in the airport, sometimes that lounge WiFi will be better than the free network. Other times it might be your only option.

As you might imagine, WiFi passwords change, so there will be some definite hits and misses when using this tool to connect.

All of the information within the Map, as well as the accompanying iOS and Android apps (both cost $1.99) is user-generated, so when you do find those discrepancies you can report them so no one else runs into issues. When you find a network that hasn’t been reported you can also submit the password so others can enjoy it as well.

If you’re a frequent traveler or even an infrequent one, it can be a great tool to have in your back pocket.

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