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blocked sink

Dear dads,

Pretty bad when you get a blocked sink right? Worse still when you don’t think you have the tools or plumability to get it sorted yourself without dismantling the entire thing. Well, before you do, READ THIS, to save yourself a lot of time, money and bother. 

I experienced this same dilemma caused mainly by grit that jams around the edge causing it to get stuck. Once when I mean stuck, it won’t budge one iota. Now, youtube didn’t really provide any help for this particular type of stopper, so I tried a few things, the first being to push hard on the side that was angled down. This jammed said stopper ever more, ensuring that the state of emergency was heightened substantially.

I tried Ice in the hope that the metal wold contract. It did nothing of the sort. I also tried running a thin metal dental tooth-cleaner around the edge (the things you find in the house, eh…), but this didn’t work either. Filing the sink up with hot water in the hope that the weight & pressure would cause it to unstick was another failed attempt.

I struck gold with boiling water!

This was the golden arrow, the magic bullet, the one true time and money-saving solution that literally turned my frown upside down. Follow these steps and I wish you all the success and ensuing happiness that I experienced.

  • Step 1: Fill the kettle and boil it up
  • Step 2: Fill the sink up with the boiled water
  • Step 3: Leave for couple of minutes to work it’s magic
  • Step 4: gently press on one side of the pivot stopper and revel in the momentous success as the stopper unsticks and the water flows freely down the sink
  • Step 5: Keep the stopper free of detritus to prevent this from happening again…

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