Water For Your Soul


I’ve been doing some reflection on my life. Having recently gone through birthday season at our house (including mine), I’ve looked over the years. How in the world do I have 3 adult children, a daughter in law and TWO grandchildren? When did I get this old? When I was younger I used to drive by people taking their own sweet time, and I’d think “OK, Grandma, drive or get off the road” – now I am a grandma, so I have changed it to “Great-grandma” cause there is no way I drive like that.

I’ve also looked at the lives of other people, people that I have touched, either in person, or by sharing my life like I do, with you all. I’ve been open, I’ve been honest, and over the years, I’ve been raw. I’ve shared a trilogy of how my dad went through surgery, I was “let go” at a company I loved just previous of that surgery, and how it was a blessing in disguise as my parents needed me until I found another position. I’ve shared that I am part of the #metoo movement. I’ve recently also shared about the separation I’m in the middle of. Why have I been so open with you who are literally “virtual” strangers.

I think a blog I found on a running group called “fellow flowers” helps to explain it the best. We are about carrying buckets. “Buckets of water, ready to show up and love each outer and saying important things like:

  • I know this hurt,
  • This isn’t fair,
  • You didn’t deserve that
  • I’m angry with you
  • Take the meds
  • I’m here
  • You are not broken
  • You are brave
  • It’s OK to be angry etc.

1 Corinthians 10:13 – No temptation (or life experience) has overtaken you except that is common to mankind… He will also provide a way… so that you can endure it.

I believe that we are the provided way. We can share with one another so that we can be the greatest gift to each other. We need to share our stories with others so that they know that they are not the only one who is going through “stuff”. Sometimes we need to remove the mask of “I’m OK, nothing is wrong with my life”, be vulnerable, and share out experiences.

Mel who wrote the blog at Fellow Flowers states we need to find those who hurt buy looking for the flames. We need to find the women who need to see YOUR wounds so that they can know a path through their pain.

Once you find the flames, use your bucket of “water”. Sometimes we will find someone who isn’t ready to have the flames be doused. Then you should stand with them, block the winds, let them rage, vent, cry or whatever they need to do.

So, as I usually ask at the end of my posts, why do I share this with you? For this very reason. To be YOUR bucket of water! For you to know that you are not the only one who THOUGHT this life was going to be perfect. You would get married, have babies, watch them all grow and graduate from high school, get married, have children, and end up getting old with your spouse and enjoying your golden years. UNTIL life showed up, and your castle with the white picket fence ended up being not so perfect. I’ve been there, and YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I have my bucket of water at the ready to help the “flames” in your life.

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