Style at Home: Two is better than one


I’ve had something to say for a while. I have been nervous to share, not knowing what the response would be, but here it goes: Trade in your guest room double bed for a pair of twins.

I know I know, what am I talking about? I wasn’t sure myself at first, but over the last year, I have been falling in love with daybeds and twin bed frames, and now I can’t get enough.

Have you ever had something stuck in your head, and suddenly you start seeing it everywhere? As I was flipping through Hulu the other week, I came across “The Dick Van Dyke Show.” My love of “Mary Poppins” — and his part in particular — had me tuning into the show, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Twin beds! I knew it was fate (and of course 1961 sensor laws) that had me positive it was a sign twin beds are not only the past but the future. I am not telling you and your spouse to hop into separate twins — though sometimes with my husband’s snoring, a girl can be tempted — but twin beds are a trendy and versatile way to spruce up a spare bedroom.

Twin beds are perfect for accommodating all types of visitors. Whether it is a couple of friends who took advantage of wine night, my son’s best friends or my nieces and nephews coming for a sleepover, they have the perfect spot to rest their weary heads. Sometimes it is hard to know the dynamics of visitors, and having separate places to snooze eliminates any potential awkwardness.

Not only are twin beds functional, they can also open up your room and add style to your space. Twin beds are not just for kids — many styles can add a sophisticated touch to your existing decor. While the options we’re showcasing in this post are wood or metal, some fabulous upholstered options give you one more way to add in another textile and pattern. Plus, this pretty adjustment leaves plenty of room for that cute table or chest you’ve been wanting to display.

This story was originally published October 11, 2021 9:10 AM.

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