Style at Home: Pillows with all the trimmings


When it comes to pillows, I can never get enough. Much to my husband’s displeasure (he secretly loves them, I know it!), you can find textiles of all shapes and colors in almost every room in my home. I can’t help this obsession — pillows are such a fun and easy way to switch up the look of my rooms without buying new furniture or bedding every season (so really, Brandon should be thrilled with them).

As my collection of curated covers grow, I have found myself with a new appreciation for the finer details that take a pillow to the next level in luxury and style.

One detail that gives a pillow its unique and tailored appearance is the trim. There are many kinds of trim and techniques, so it can be hard to know what you want when it comes to fitting your pillows into your home aesthetic and design. It’s different trims for different whims.

To get started into the world of trimmings, I’ve collected a few of my favorite edgings that I mix and match throughout my home to share with you.

Staring off with one of the most recognizable pillow trims, we have traditional cording. This is a simple welt around the pillow’s edge that offers a clean line to your design. This simple but high-impact type of trim can be spiced up my using contrasting colors to your fabric or by being an addition to other types of trim. Whether you choose to keep it simple or add an additional flair, like tape trim, the traditional cord makes for a beautiful pillow.

Taking trim to the next level is a flange finish. A flange is a strip of fabric, usually 1/2-inch to 1 inch in width that attaches to the edges of a pillow giving it an almost shamlike appearance. A flange can be done in either the same pattern as the pillow or a contrasting pattern or color. We like to add a micro-welt to the flange for even more dimension and interest.

If you want to push it further than flange, we love to add in ruffles and pleats for showstopping pillows that pop. A micro-welt and ruffles combination can add a pop of color to your well-tailored creation. I also adore putting corner pleats into the mix for a luxurious and expensive look.

Some people find they don’t want trim at all and go with either fun fringe or a knife edge finish, which are two other beautiful choices. With almost endless options, the most fun part is finding the colors and fabrics that you love to create a stunning and truly custom look that is unique to you.

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