Waterfront property on Lake Murray, near Lexington, sells for $1.23 million


Richland County


429 Longtown Road W. from Robin L. Hardy and Robert E. Hardy, Jr. to Yolanda E. Brown and Michael S. Brown $278,000

415 Royal Links Drive from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Brandon R. Ross and Angel J. Ross $262,312

249 W. Bowmore Drive from Jack L. Tindle and Tina W. Tindle to Bryan Biddinger and Brittany Biddinger $233,000

321 Howell Road from Richmond C. Taylor and Mary L. Taylor to Heather M. Robbins $183,000

108 Potters View Road from Mungo Homes, Inc. to John W. Witten $284,222

1021 Old Birch Drive from Jay H. Sirmon and Brittany A. Sirmon to SFR3, LLC $204,000

33 Small Oak Court from The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Tonia R. Young $150,000

1200 University Parkway from Peter Ludwig and Judith Ann Ludwig to Kenneth Germano and Evaonne Germano $400,000


604 Sea Doo Drive from Bruce A. Sirois and Amy S. Sirois to Edward L. Coffin, Jr. and Kathleen C. Coffin $240,000

136 Hawks Ridge Lane from Reyburn W. Lominack, III and Kristen M. Lominack to Patrick L. Olson and Andrea Lee Fry Olson $389,500


200 Plantation Pointe Drive from Daniel M. Wise and Michelle L. Wise to Daniel Lobato $202,000

400 Fetterbush Road from Paul R. Jaedicke and Karen L. Jaedicke to Charlie R. Rogers and Niesha Y. Rogers $300,000

912 Hargrave Bend from Mungo Homes, Inc. to James Ashford and Vivica Ashford $299,540

411 Windrush Drive from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Terence D. Anderson and Caren L. Armstrong $255,830

917 Hargrave Bend from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Monica Ladd Greene $240,360

772 Broad Leaf Drive from Mungo Homes, Inc. to David C. Monroe, Jr. and Jeanne M. Monroe $428,474

48 Crusader Court from Adrianne Nicole Danner and Mei Ann S. Danner to Ebony I. Toles $182,000


207 Green Wing Court from Rob Huting and Su Chin Huting to 431 Venture Properties, LLC $129,000


771 Chariot Way from D.R. Horton, Inc. to Crystaley Samuel $178,265

567 Penn Road from Leonardo F. Tunjanotorres and Kimberly Tnujano to Joshua P. Stone and Nicole C. Trimmer $215,000


231 Jessie Derrick Road from David R. Parsons and Linda L. Parsons to Charles To Cobb and Alissa M. Cobb $380,000

623 Cornerstone Circle from Andrew M. Barbone to Kimbelly Jasmin $149,000

116 Cabin Drive from Terrell B. Carter and Kathryn D. Carter to Jordan Knight and Porsche Knight $202,500

105 Clouster Drive from Donna Coker to Helen G. Hewitt $129,000

3343 Kennerly Road from NW Evergreen Opportunities IV, LLC to Lewis Smallwood Hardison, Jr. Trust and Tina Grof Hardison Trust $290,000

104 Elstow Road from Jonathan Douglas and Joy Celestine Mouradjian n/k/a Celestine M. Douglas to Brett Aaron Sheppard $154,000

3330 Dreher Shoals Road from Grady Richard Lowman and Robert D. Lowman to Edward Lee Spence $425,000

113 Maryland Court from Wendy S. Hennessy to Travis S. Mozie and Courtney Mozie $135,900

418 Hollenbeck Road from James E. Mathis, Jr. and Elaine Griffeth Mathis to Matthew Lizotte and Tara N. Lizotte $233,000

181 Bloxome Drive from John A. Kauderman, Jr. and Anna F. Kauderman f/k/a Anna James to Dinita Bradshaw Brown $175,000

143 Minehead Court from Lloyd R. Kelley to Anthony S. Romero and Carolin Romero $125,900


27 Townpark Circle from Town Park at BullStreet, LLC to Stephanie E. Carnohan $447,642

1324 Pulaski St., Unit A-312 from John Robbins, Nancy Robbins and Steven Robbins to Symposium Westside, LLC $255,000

1929 Bluff Road, Unit 105 from Michael J. Ghioto and Lara Ghioto to Richard A. Westbury and Kelly Renee Westbury $127,875

3121 Park St. from Greta M. Pierson to Phillip Windsor and Amanda Windsor $160,000

1101 Oconee St. from Jennifer M. Waller to Hannah Ruth Aull Moody and Brandon Moody $170,000

2307 Park St. from Alan R. White and Paulette D. White to Chad Messinger and Heather Rogers $380,000

S/S Old Bluff Road from Edith McConnell Koon to FHT II of Richland County, LLC $1,000,000


908 Sunset Drive from Rachel Smith Parker f/k/a Rachel L. Smith to SFR3, LLC $114,000

1 Jasmine Place Drive from Robert E. Bell, Jr. to Julian E. Simmons and Ashley M. Stinson $134,900


2652 Two Notch Road from NW Evergreen Opportunities IV, LLC to Martin’s Motorworx, LLC $410,000

228 Glenbrooke Circle from Mary Katherine Krell a/k/a Mary Katherine Schurg to Elisabeth B. Cromer and John Carl Cromer $225,000


1000 Princeton St. from Roberts Revocable Trust to Jacqueline Audet $270,000

839 Burwell Lane from Charles J. Ellinger and Elizabeth C. Ellinger to Blythe Building Company, LLC $110,000

8045 S. Maple St. from Sara Patricia Cheatham to Donna Collier Harper $246,000

6557 Buckfield Drive from Buckfield Drive, LLC to Jerry Dean Cole and Barbara Anderson Giannelli $161,000

717 Elm Avenue from Jamie H. Christmas to John Charles R. Hartsell and Sara Christine H. Hartsell $218,000

1517 Tanglewood Road from John P. Scurry, Jr. and Mary Spencer C. Scurry to Elizabeth L. Hutton and George S. Hutton $707,806

712 S. Bonham Road from Elaine B. McGee to Joseph Bledsoe $113,000

1929 Bluff Road, Unit 192 from Lewis W. Perdue, II and Martha E. Rumsey to Valeria M. Crouch $187,500

1321 Hagood Avenue from Janet L. Nixon to Jeanna M. Lizzi $475,000

1409 Fairview Drive from Robert H. Sypert and Elizabeth H. Sypert to Susan M. Blake $300,000

810 Howard St. from Earl William Robinson, III and Sylvia Y. Robinson to Tracy M. Thompson $135,000

515 Deerwood St. from George Alston Gore, Jr. to Selina Hunt-Augustine and Scott Augustine $168,500

2818 Superior St. from Brian Vince Stephens to Wendy C. Schneider $155,450


1310 Brennen Road, Unit #5 from Margaret Anna Creech to Jon Minnick and Jessica Minnick $125,000

1441 Greenhill Road from Larry P. Collins and Ruth Anne Collins to Eric J. Gourley $800,000

5317 Lakeshore Drive from Adelyn Grant Price to Adeline Price Mathes $510,000

201 Carlyle Circle from Terry M. Barnes and Dianne N. Barnes to Charles T. Hall and Shelby G. Hall $206,900

6315 Oakfield Road from Augusta McDonald Ellsworth to Richard L. Pope and Sheila Yates Pope $145,000

4249 St. Claire Drive from Janet Brownstein n/k/a Janet Brownstein-Finkel to City of Columbia $296,619

5225 Clemson Avenue, Unit 105 from Tanya Greenlee to Ronald F. Kramps and Kelly C. Kramps $115,000

4901 Circle Drive from John E. Cely to Samuel Kirk Hahn and Elizabeth Ashley Wilder Hahn $236,500


255 Tombee Lane from David Burkely Campbell to Catherine Campbell $220,000

725 Planters Drive from Debra Trotman to HVL97-CAE-2017-01 Merlin, LLC $100,000

36 Hampton Wood Way from Bobby D. M. McGlohorn and Amy J. McGlohorn to Terrell G. Roberts and Sandra Louise Robers $253,000

930 Woodlawn Avenue from Maurice Karl Bouie to Brenda Brownell $140,000

3428 Rawlinson Road from Richard Rabon to Jennifer Nicole Reese $123,000

475 Guard Tower Lane from Adam Seifert And Shauna Heule-Seifert to Dashawn Olanda Gilford $178,000

3 Preston Green Court from Isaac London Boyd to Tyler A. Juhil and Sara K. Juhl $117,500


101 Wynfield Court from Dennis B. Banks and Cathy L. Banks to Garrett A. Palmer and Holly A. Parker $139,000

1050 Bakersfield Road from Shuo Cao and Yinghao Dong to Marvin Jamar Bailey $143,000

129 Wynfield Court from Ngoc Thuy T. Ha to SFR3, LLC $105,500


553 Great North Road from T. E. Ross to SFR3, LLC $113,900

112 Fishers Wood Court from Jeffrey Reese and Becca Reese to Larry V. Tyree and Jeanne M. Wentworth $290,000

402 Aiken Hunt Circle from Gunil G. Kim to Toni J. Hankins and Steven M. Jones $650,000

424 Shallow Brook Drive from Daniel J. Smith and Donna Lynn Smith to Kimberly M. Martin $420,000

1971 Legrand Road from First Palmetto Bank to Le Grand Investment, LLC $960,000

1683 Rabon Farms Lane from Yaneris L. Atherley to Ebony M. Martin $140,000


667 Dulaney Bend from Matthew Sipe and Katherine A. Scott to Seth Aaron Scheller and Melissa Margaret Scheller $222,000

464 Edenhall Drive from Michael Chenault and Amber Chenault to Zachary Wayne Sullivan and Kayla Christian Moore-Sullivan $199,000

402 Eagle Pointe Drive from Kirk S. Littona and Katie J. Litton to Achu F. Mofor and Emmanuella S. Sebeey $629,900

212 Clearmeadow Drive from Zenaid Magallanesvillarreal a/k/a Zanaid Magallanes to Fallon M. Grady $160,000

620 Spruce Way from The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Chapin Lindsay Talbot $119,900

226 Legend Oaks Drive from Marcus A. Brisbone to James Corn and Jennifer Corn $110,000

240 Woodlands Ridge Road from Estate of Norman A. Smith to Penelope W. Hughes $114,000

101 Kingston Trace Road from Paul D. Vasquez to Gina Gunn $156,000

117 Baysdale Drive from Kevin J. Shaver to Michelle Bowns $142,000

201 Hodson Hall Drive from Beverly A. Sowell to Adam J. Chamberlin $165,000

10 Sugar Pine Court from State Street Holdings, LLC to Kazuhiro Sato, Ayako Sato and Taishi Sato $159,500

Lexington County


951 F Avenue from Joshua Lee Chambers and Sarah Lynn Eleazer Chambers to William L. Molair, II, Susan B. Molair, William C. Molair and Andrew T. Molair $149,500

431 Tufton Court from Jacob D. Amos and Danielle S. Amos to Andrew M. Ferguson and Kayla M. Ferguson $225,000

116 Sandy Lane from Ola Mae Whigham to Conrex Master, LLC $150,000

1037 Oakland Avenue from James W. Huthmaker to Carl A. White and Nancy Hall White $152,000


1439 St. Peters Church Road from Doliene Bedenbaugh to Richard Kem Dempsey and Janis Elizabeth Keeton $216,000

1429 St. Peters Church Road from Dennis A. Frick and Diana Frick to Richard Kem Dempsey and Janis Elizabeth Keeton $280,000

129 Firebridge Drive from Carmelia L. Johnson to John Bryan Derrick $136,000

401 Lake Estate Drive from Susan M. Lowe to Scott T. Shelton and Natalie Damico $428,000

445 Lake Estate Drive from James M. Collings and Emily B. Collings to Scott L. Buttle and Genaline S. Buttle $274,000

348 Eagle Pointe Drive from Hubert Randall Crooms and Susan D. Crooms to Tresa B. Wolfe $179,000

750 Crystal Lake Circle from John Mitchell to Rachel Peri Miller $196,000

711 Soldier Gray Lane from D.R. Horton, Inc. to Judy T. Daulton $252,000

124 Dallas Drive from Cathie S. Humphreys to William V. Foxworth and Aspley S. Foxworth $256,000

230 Hilton View Court from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Dawn C. Tuffli and Michael W. Tuffli $352,080


448 Lawndale Drive from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Darrell Guinyard and Wenona G. Coston $144,500


622 Crout Pond Way from C.J. Bonacum, Jr. Revocable Trust to Ronald S. Jones $123,000

50 acres on Martin Smith Road from Patricia Lewandowski f/k/a Patrici B. Brogi, Barbara S. Sweatman and Ronnie Bostain Carolina Property Solutions, LLC $180,000


113 Mayland Court from Wendy S. Hennessey to Travis S. Mozie and Courtney Mozie $135,000


2021 Charles Town Road from Anjanette Hass and Kevin Hass to Ashley Nicole Cogburn and Luigi Vincenzo Canestraro $375,000

613 Skyline Drive from Benjamin Todd O'delln and Melissa Barlette O'dell to Jacob L. Shealy $185,000


170 Madison Park Drive from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Janet B. Williams and Amanda W. Grady $270,986

219 Clearbrook Circle from Fortress Homes, LLC to Venket Peddapalli and Srilatha Peddapalli $240,000

165 Burma Road from Brownstone Homes LLC to Rando Allen Motley and Crystal Yvonne Motley $135,000

174 Madison Park Drive from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Johnny J. Sanders and Belinda B. Sanders $279,339

129 Circleview Drive from American International Relocation Solutions, LLC to Russell Raines and Sarah Raines $280,000

220 Farmhouse Loop from Kristen Morris to Christina Lynn Ford $148,000

864 Bentley Drive from Erin Denise Lambert Revocable Trust to Lia Zhen and Jinqui Zhang $141,000

156 Richmond Farm Circle from Jessica Senn f/k/a Jessica Lauren Keisler and Charles Thomas Senn to Ryan M. Waslewski $145,000

217 Southberry Lane from Patrick L. Olson and Andrew L. Olson f/k/a Andrea L. Fry to Rachel M. Carter $215,000

329 Millhouse Lane from Heather Hitt and Justin N. Hitt to Erin D. Lambert $319,000

337 Southberry Way from Day Development, LLC to Luke Herndon $120,481

249 Allenbrooke Way from Roger E. Crouch, Alison J. Morgan and Donna E. Crouch to Derek Fernandez and Heather N. Fernandez $206,900

125 Eastshore Drive from Susan Wiswall Socha to Vincent J. Scayone $630,000

110 Baywood Drive from Jeff A. Powers to James C. McDonald and Carol C. McDonald $125,000

101 Trillium Court from Matthew L. Summey and Kristina L. Summey to Justin Kyle Dubose and Kelly M. Dubose $327,250

248 Star Hill Lane from Nancy A. Buczynski and Mark D. Buczynski to Richard Emery Rabon and Erika Danielle Rabon $215,000

306 Old Rapids Road from Lonnie M. Griffin to James Henry Fowles, IV and Logan Fowles $343,000

115 Barrington Drive from Estate of Evelyn H. Gibson to Nathaniel C. Davis $100,000

182 Power Point Lane from Clay L. Watkins to Edward M. Wise, Jr. and Roxolana L. Wise $1,230,000

114 Bonhomme Circle from Matthew Page to Rosemary B. Johnson $122,000

110 Baywood Court from Melanie L. Roach to Janet M. Kellett $100,000

100 W. Sparrowood Run from Learn Properties, LLC to Evan D. Learn and Carly Learn $115,000

421 N. Lake Drive from Phyllis A. James to 421 North Lake Drive, LLC $450,000

715 Smith Pond Road from David L. Moore and Roma B. Moore to Larry Guinn and Candace Guinn $236,000

127 Golden Oak Drive from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Gregory Todd Hohn and Lisa Michelle Hohn $357,723

132 Raymond Circle from William R. Hill, Jr. and Shannon W. Hill to Donald L. Richards and Clarice R. Richards $374,900

709 Council Lane from Fortress Homes, LLC to Charles P. Hart and Karen W. Hart $260,990

108 Longingly Lane from Mungo Homes, Inc. to Thomas A. Blake and Crystalynn M. Blake $239,479

609 Ladybug Lane from JJ&Z Builders, LLC to John Tillman Booth and Stefanie Anne Booth $255,000

330 Poindexter Lane from Colin Mullins and Jamie L. Mullins to Jason M. Smoake and Jade L. Smoake $390,000

213 Hollingsworth Lane from Jessica Price f/k/a Jessica Hanko to Joseph L. Krause and Diane M. Krause $166,000

234 Cinnamon Hills Lane from Norawaru O. Omoregie to American International Relocation Solutions, Inc. $150,000

141 Chesterton Drive from Talmadge C. Reynolds to Amy B. Hall $146,000

149 Maxie Road from Matin J. Leas to Antoine Kelly $231,900

423 Ivy Green Lane from Brian T., Little and Christy S. Little to John B. Ruslin and Allison Ruslin $238,500

317 Barberry Drive from Richard D. Bates Revocable Living Trust and Maria V. Melonas Revocable Trust to Cynthia N. Hinson and William G. Hinson $375,000

255 Luna Trail from Donald Wical and Diane Wical to Linda M. Desso $186,000


508 Sagauro Court from NVR, Inc. to Clinton Taylor $156,990

1750 Two Notch Road from Steven R. Holladay and John W. Holladay to Edgar Michael Pinilla $105,000

227 Morningwood Drive from Michael L. McCall and Kimberly A. McCall to Thomas A. West and Kalon B. West $235,500

104 Mariscat Place from Christopher P. Hankins to James Franklin Webb, Jr. and Heather Webb $170,000

158 Point South Lane from Betty D. Miller to Jonathan Asbill $140,000

429 Magnolia Tree Road from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Vanessa Stevens $226,827

157 Churchview Court from Paul G. Derossett and Clara Derossett to Travis G. Smothers and Elizabeth A. Smothers $189,900

133 Saddlebrooke Road from William P. Kerr, Jr. and Margaret M. Kerr to Debra Poole Rowe $139,900

365 Big Timer Drive from Charles H. Richardson and Dianne C. Richardson to Stephen G. Vicari, II and Jessica Price n/k/a Jessica Vicari $369,900

1167 Long Ridge Way from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Emily M. Platt and Robert A. Platt $349,857

161 Tannery Way from Teryn S. Gull to Michael D. Chapman, Jr. and Alison C. Chapman $213,900

4034 Mineral Springs Road from John A. Lynch and Savannah W. Lynch to Bryant E. Stewart and Laura K. Callicott $148,500

412 Cannon Knoll Drive from Matthew S. Barker and Andrea K. Hill to Joshua L. Vicari and Brittany A. Vicari $399,000

137 Willow Forks Road from Robert Phou Sananikone to Bradford W. Phillips $124,000

105 Parsley Court from James N. Lombardo and Keisha L. Lombardo to Brandy Dove and Jeff Dove $103,500

104 Katrina Court from Brandy N. Dove and Jeff M. Dove to David Kensek and Erica Kensek $146,000

125 Patrick Drive from Amber R. Churchill and Kyle A. Churchill to Ian J. Williams $106,000

106 Cornerstone Lane from Sharon L. Garris to James W. Wright, Brenda A. Wright and Kristin Ann Hazel $140,000

524 Walking Lane from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to James A. Courtney and Kelly Anne Courtney $194,821


1341 Highway 178 from Latter Rain Deliverance Church to David A. Guyton $110,000


1512 Whipporwill Drive from Estate of Margaret W. Waugh to Arnold Alier $265,000

644 Spanish Oak Drive from William Albert Reese, William Eubank Reese and Ashley Fant to Richard Cornelius and Ashton Cornelius` $161,900

303 Chestnut Oak Court from Andrew Theodore Derrick to Taylor Smith $149,000

1711 Platt Springs Road from Bonita S. Sightner a/k/a Bonita S. Sightler Younginer, Carolyn R. Sightler, Wendy Sightler Ferguson and James Neil Sightner to Jose L. Romero and Richard M. Romero $105,000

1426 Hollyberry Lane from James D. Lintal to Jerry C. Deese $135,000

232 Saluda Woods Place from Xia Zhao to Cornelius E. Montgomery $111,000


546 Matilda Way from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Anita D. Alston and Kimara D. Stewart $179,814

340 Southmen Lane from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Jason E. Kalbaugh $165,000

175 Arthurdale Drive from Kelly M. Berry to Peggy Mayes Fowler $129,500

200 Autumnview Court from Jordan E. Knight and Porsche L. Knight to Charles G. Wright $145,000

541 Dawn Drive from VVW Development Ltd. Co. to Sarah Elliott $102,000

164 Emmanuel Creek Drive from Megan C. Martin and Brent D. Martin to Hector Luis Falcon, Jr. $174,900

557 Matilda Way from Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. to Tina Long and Arthur Long, II $164,840

125 Travis Lane from Anita D. Alston to Mark E. Parnell and Likisha L. Dukes-Parnell $134,000

526 Matilda Way from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Troy Martin Rathbun and Sabrina Renee Day Rathbun $205,480


128 Sawgrass Court from Carol A. Henry n/k/a Carol Zeller to Karen G. Lodlen $147,900


412 Hempsted Road from Himal Dhotre and Kathy Dhotre to Thomas Lawton and Nicole Lawton $170,000

518 Westlawn Road from Estate of Lowell K. Hopkins to Kenneth Merriman and Rosa Merriman $157,000

219 Sandhurst Road from Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust to Tara K. Scoma and Samuel L. Scoma $150,000


1605 Willow Creek Lane from Cynthia A. Hobbs to Dalila Jazic $150,000

1527 Nursery Hill Road from Jason A. Brown and Krystyna D. Brown to Bryant L. Ham, Sr. $284,000

420 Cove View Pointe from Frederick M. Crout and Patricia A. Crout to Bryan L. Cully and Meredith Cully $300,000

335 Weeping Cherry Lane from Dr. Loujan Matin a/k/a Loujan Matin to Boom SC, LLC $165,000

1613 Quail Valley W. from Willie J. Davis, Jr. and Joyce M. Davis to Joseph M. Bruccoli $163,500

452 Pitney Road from Nancy C. Tabor Trust to Juana S. Washington $108,000

Kershaw County


60 Pathfinder Trail and 460A Black River Road from 2 Blessed, LLC to Hartfield MHP, LLC $300,000

7 Rapid Run from James L. Jefferson, Jr. and Jandi R. Jefferson to Mary Odiase $220,000

73 Genesis Lane from Shedrick J. Jackson and Tania D. Jackson to Brandon Kyle Markette and Elena Stephanie Markette $218,000

1917 Niagara Drive from Danny R. Wilson and Joann Wilson to Andrew J. Tinker and Elizabeth A. Tinker $159,000


702 Leslie Branham Road from Amber M. Disney to Kevin L. Powers and Sonya Powers $128,000

1842 Wildwood Lane from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Joseph L. Kornegay and April D. Kornegay $250,063

21 Tavish Court from Michael D. Walton and Diane M. Walton to Kristy Hixon and Coury Thomas $305,000

123 Abbey Road from Madi Investment, LLC to Eric D. Taylor and Kathiren N. Taylor $240,000


852 Jones Road from Johnny Roe Catoe and Randal Douglas Catoe to Casey Renee Hoover and Richard E. Hoover $120,000


445 Lachicotte Road from Vernon B. Martin and Leslie S. Martin to George D. Holloman and Sheila J. Holloman $140,000

1110 Spring Drive from Bunk L. Huffner and Alyssa M. Heffner to Ernest Colin Teague $140,000

2027 Fox Hill Road from Robert G. Root Living Trust to Dean M. Kot $124,900

41 Paces Run from Travis W. Ammon and Victoria G. Ammon to Tanya Martin $169,900


275 Payne Pond Road from Jodi L. Haynes to Bryan T. Reed $199,000

Top Five Richland County

S/S Old Bluff Road 29201 from Edith McConnell Koon to FHT II of Richland County, LLC $1,000,000

1971 Legrand Road 29223 from First Palmetto Bank to Le Grand Investment, LLC $960,000

1441 Greenhill Road 29206 from Larry P. Collins and Ruth Anne Collins to Eric J. Gourley $800,000

1517 Tanglewood Road 29205 from John P. Scurry, Jr. and Mary Spencer C. Scurry to Elizabeth L. Hutton and George S. Hutton $707,806

402 Aiken Hunt Circle 29223 from Gunil G. Kim to Toni J. Hankins and Steven M. Jones $650,000

Top Five Lexington County

182 Power Point Lane 29072 from Clay L. Watkins to Edward M. Wise, Jr. and Roxolana L. Wise $1,230,000

125 Eastshore Drive 29072 from Susan Wiswall Socha to Vincent J. Scayone $630,000

421 N. Lake Drive 29072 from Phyllis A. James to 421 North Lake Drive, LLC $450,000

401 Lake Estate Drive 29036 from Susan M. Lowe to Scott T. Shelton and Natalie Damico $428,000

412 Cannon Knoll Drive 29073 from Matthew S. Barker and Andrea K. Hill to Joshua L. Vicari and Brittany A. Vicari $399,000

Top Three Kershaw County

21 Tavish Court 29045 from Michael D. Walton and Diane M. Walton to Kristy Hixon and Coury Thomas $305,000

60 Pathfinder Trail and 460A Black River Road 29020 from 2 Blessed, LLC to Hartfield MHP, LLC $300,000

1842 Wildwood Lane 29045 from Great Southern Homes, Inc. to Joseph L. Kornegay and April D. Kornegay $250,063

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