Hashtag Trending Nov.25- Use of robots by San Francisco police; FDA approves first gene therapy for hemophilia; Brazil regulators seize iPhones


San Francisco police department considers letting robots use deadly force, FDA approves a $3.5 million worth treatment for hemophilia and Brazil regulator seizes hundreds of iPhones.

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The San Francisco police department is proposing a new policy that will give robots the license to use deadly force, the Verge reported. The draft policy states that robots can be used when risk of loss of life to the public or police officers is imminent and outweighs any other option of force. San Francisco’s rules committee unanimously approved a version of the draft last week, which will face the Board of Supervisors on November 29th. The SFPD currently has 17 remotely piloted robots, but only 12 are functioning. In addition to granting robots the ability to use deadly force, the proposal also authorizes them for use in “training and simulations, criminal apprehensions, critical incidents and so forth.

Source: The Verge

U.S health regulators on Tuesday approved the first gene therapy for blood-clotting disorder, hemophilia. The therapy is a $3.5 million one-time treatment called Hemgenix, which is an IV treatment for adults with hemophilia B, the less common form of the genetic disorder which primarily affects men. The $3.5 million price tag makes Hemgenix the most expensive medecine in the world, according to a study cited by the National Library of Medicine. But the drugmaker CSL Behring said the treatment would ultimately reduce health care costs because patients would have fewer bleeding incidents and need fewer clotting treatments.

Source: CBS News

The Brazilian Ministry of Justice ordered in September the suspension of iPhone sales in the country after concluding that Apple harms consumers by not offering the power adapter included with the device, 9TO5Mac reported. The regulator Procon DF started an operation to seize hundreds of iphones from different retail stores in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. This move seeks to force Apple to comply with local law that requires smartphones to be shipped with the charger included in the box. Apple told Technoblog, which first reported the news, that it continues to sell iPhones in Brazil despite the operation.

Source: 9to5mac

According to a research presented by the Atlas VPN team, 47 per cent of social media users have fallen victim to shopping scams before. The anonymous nature of the internet and the rise of social media e-commerce mainly drive the increase in shopping scams, the report said. Additionally, an average of 30 per cent of users reported having fallen victim to phishing links, gift card scams, help scams, job frauds, targeted advertising scams and hacked account scams. 

Source: Atlas VPN

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