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A true fascination

When it comes to going for a side business to gain extra wealth, trading stocks like NASDAQ: SCIT at is the most preferred option. Involving a great scale of calculations, buy-sell equilibrium, profit-loss statement, and other required metrics, the final goal is to stay on the profit side forever. Hence, it involves a lot of thinking and application of skillset to maximize the same.

With the age of the internet has hit the doors, now trading has also gone online and can be done comfortably within the four walls of the room. But there might be some initial setback to gain the required experience on the platform. Thus, the upcoming content clears out the major queries or challenges faced by the newbie traders.

The basic points

The following enlists down the basic doubts that need to be cleared before beginning with any kind of platform:

  • With the initial opening, a free stock offer gets credited into the account. It acts as the perfect start to begin learning on the metrics and needs to be used before the expiry period comes up i.e. a month on an average.
  • An individual can open up different accounts on the same platform, provided that they are of different types (ex- debt, equity, and others to name). Thus, open up with the one that you feel most convenient in the beginning and then move on for a fresh opening or switching the type to a complex one.
  • The tax document is made available by the platform at regular intervals, based on the kinds of transactions or stocks owned by the individual. Thus, remember to check the same by logging in and clicking on the taxation option. It helps in filling up the required rebates and earn other benefits.
  • Different trading types have different types of payment modes and the same needs to be verified properly from the platform before moving with any transaction. This is the point where the newbies often face challenges and find incompatibility.
  • Remember to read about the broker charge and exit load before investing in any kind of stock. In ideal cases, those stocks should be selected that have either zero or minimal values of these factors.
  • There is the flexibility to transfer the stocks from any platform to an external agency and vice-versa, but it comes up with a significant charge as a transfer fee. Thus read up the terms and conditions perfectly before deciding.

Therefore, the above points clear out the basic queries. Many other aspects of the trading can be referred at the respective help centers, just like this link at

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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