Tips To Get The Best Image Using Mobile Phone Camera


We have to admit that handphone is basically designed for communication device. Therefore, the additional function embedded in this device is not always as good as its main device. This also applies for cellular camera. Compared to digital one, which is mainly designed for photography, camera in a mobile phone has many limitations, especially its optical zoom, flash, and other advanced facilities.
Nevertheless, we do not have to worry of having poor quality photos since there are some tips and tricks to capture better images using our handphone. To optimize the results of our handhpone camera, we have to consider some aspects, those are:
1. Light
Capturing a picture in a bright situation, where other light comes, like from the sun will be a good help to have better quality photograph.
2. Location
As a handphone camera is not equipped with high-quality optimal zoom, try to get closer to the object you want to capture. Keep the distance until you get the best image (not so blurry).
3. Background
Avoid background which is so dark or too bright because such conditions will affect the quality of your image.
4. Resolution
Use the highest resolution for the best image. Perhaps you will see oppo a5 price no difference if you see your images through your handphone, but later if you look them in computers, images using high resolution will look better.
5. Zoom
Never use digital zoom if not so emergency because digital zoom will decrease the quality of the pictures you have taken. Digital zoom is only a kind of image manipulation so be wise in using it.
6. Angle
Move from one angle to another to get the best image, maximize the capacity of your external memory to keep your images.
7. Memory
Many mobile phones have so limited internal memories, so using external memory will give you maximum place to save good images. It also avoids you from “destroying” your mobile phone system due to overloaded files in it.
8. Lens
Since handphone camera is not always equipped with lens cover, always clean your lens before using it. Clean lens will bring you to better quality pictures.
9. Steadiness
Stay steady in capturing an image is another way to get better photos. Your little move will result in blurry picture.
10. Printing Option
Photos taken from handphone camera can be printed with a maximum quality if you adjust the size of the print with the resolution of the image.
By following at least the ten tips, using mobile phone camera may lead you to be a better photographer. For more tips about handphone, visit .

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