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Double Hung Windows have two shutters. The other shutter is above the other. This is similar to the single hung windows that are an only half portion of the windows are opened. This kind of window is not very common, but the homeowners still purchase this due to the unique style it offers.

Double Hung Window

These windows are famous in different parts of the United States. This is referred as a sash frame in the European regions. However, it is referred to as a fixed frame in the United States where many styled houses use a type of window.

Unique Home Appearance

Achieve the perfect trend with the home you are remodeling or renovating. This window gives your home an authentic look that results in a distinctive look. We are here to help you make it happen. TakeDouble Hung Windows 1Remodel your home or office renovation to the next level through the excellent combination of the windows in the walls. We do our best to give you a new home.

 Unique Style

Let Double Hung Windows give your home a unique style you want. This offers you great possibilities to the designs your home should have. The windows could match the new design you have for the remodeled home. The windows create an ambiance that not only suits your preference but gives you the satisfaction you need. This is the kind of window you want for your home.  We do the best we can to give you an appealing residence.

Best Process

Installing the Double Hung Windows is made in the best and faster manner. It doesn’t affect the interior and exterior part of the home so you have the chance to achieve a great home. Our qualified staff does the best they could to install it correctly in your home. Rest assured we are determined to give you the requirements you need when it comes to the remodeling and renovation process.

1Remodel Construction Contractor

Price that Fits Your Budget

Are you worried about the cost of the window? Don’t worry. This window is perfect for you due to its competitive price range. We also celebrated effort to ensure that the window would be perfect for your house or any building that is going to be renovated or remodeled. 1Remodel is here to help you out in having a great home lifestyle.

 Double Hung Windows are suited for any member of the family as it easy to open. It gives a balanced ventilation inside the house due to the half or quarter opening it provides. Homeowners would be glad to have this window not only for the style it gives but also to the captivat8ng appeal it gives every home. We make sure that you have satisfaction purchasing and installing the windows.

People who want this window in the kitchen or the living room could install the window there. The size together with the length of the window sets an excellent window for a house. Therefore, what are you waiting for, call us and have this window installed? Rest assured satisfaction is achieved.

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Double Hung Windows Remodeling by 1 Remodel Construction Contractors Located in St Louis Mo High-End Renovation & Remodel Residential or Commercial Clients.

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