Style at Home: Simple decor for spooky season


When it comes to holidays, next to Christmas, Halloween is my favorite. An excuse to bring out the campy and creepy-chic decor? Sign me up!

As the first holiday of the fall and winter season, it was always so exciting as a child to come home from school and see all the wonderful changes my mother had made to our home to transform it into a magical new place (pumpkins were, and still are, my favorite). It meant celebration season was upon us.

Don’t be afraid to be subtle. Probably seems like odd advice coming from me, the more is more gal, but it is true. Fall is a short season, so I like to get the most mileage out of my staple autumn foliage from September to Thanksgiving. Mixing in Halloween can enhance your existing displays without overwhelming them. You don’t have to “scream” Halloween to be festive — just work your favorite pieces in with your traditional fall colors and textures. Sometimes it can be as simple as trading out your everyday beautiful artwork on the walls for something a bit more boo-tiful.

Start small by playing up traditional autumnal colors, then turn up the heat. As Halloween approaches, I like to add in colors that represent the holiday. Commit to the classic orange and black (and green and purple if you’re feeling funky). Then play up the camp with crows, ghouls and witches (oh my!). I have been extra infatuated with pumpkin head figurines this year — they are spooky and sweet and comforting and unnerving all at the same time. Although I do think I saw one of their eyes following me around the shop the other day…

Of course, is it even Halloween if there aren’t jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins and gourds everywhere? There is no limit to the colors, sizes and materials you can find — and each has their purpose. I love using oversized and lightweight faux pumpkins for a realistic touch to my front porch that can effortlessly mix in with our real jack-o-lanterns (and stay fresh much longer!). The chic ceramic options make for a gorgeous table display that can transition easily into your Thanksgiving decor.

While Christmas might be the main event of the season, I always try to make a point to celebrate each holiday as it comes as fully as I can. If we slow down and enjoy the ride through fall, the destination will be that much sweeter.

This story was originally published October 25, 2021 5:30 AM.

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