Design Recipes: Why chartreuse is a designer’s secret weapon


Chartreuse — is it green or is it yellow?

The answer is a bit of both.

The color chartreuse is often described as being closer to an acid yellow than green. Regardless, chartreuse remains one of the most versatile and more popular colors in home decor, often considered to be a designer’s secret weapon. Look in almost any furniture showroom or magazine and you are bound to find the color chartreuse front and center.

Why chartreuse?

Chartreuse is popular in some ways because of its versatility. Because of its bright yet muted undertones, chartreuse works well as either an accent color or a focal point. Think of the ability to use chartreuse both as an accent wall and as a dominant throw pillow in your space.

What colors can be paired with chartreuse?

Like a good dress, chartreuse can be dressed up or dressed down. The color works especially well with rich foundational colors such as brown, charcoal gray, brown, navy, cream and even black.

Where can you use chartreuse?

Because of its strong color hue, chartreuse often works best as an accent. Consider using chartreuse as a color for a toss pillow, accent in artwork, rugs, throws and area rugs. You can use chartreuse in almost any room of the home, from living rooms to bedrooms.

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