Design Recipes: Try these renter-friendly design tips


You have moved into your new home, and now you want to decorate. Just one problem — you are living in a rental.

While renters are typically prevented from “altering” the property, you still have a number of ways to spice up your space without upsetting your landlord. The best approach is to incorporate design elements that will still allow you to return a rental space to its original condition.

Looking for rental-friendly design ideas? Here are some top tips.

1. Add mirrors

Whether they are leaning or hung from a wall, adding mirrors will help instantly widen a space. Walls can be returned to their original condition with just some spackle and paint.

2. Integrate peel-and-stick wallpaper or backsplashes

Wallpaper will help add color and texture to your space, and there are lots of removable options out there.

3. Swap out a showerhead

This is an easy fix that can help make your shower experience much more enjoyable. It can easily be removed and returned to its original when you vacate.

4. Switch cabinet hardware

From bathrooms to kitchens, cabinet hardware is an affordable design swap you can easily remove and take with you to your next rental.

5. Add peel-and-stick flooring

While it may not be easy to remove after it’s installed, a landlord can opt to add new flooring on top of any changes.

6. Paint

Don’t be afraid to personalize with paint. Just keep in mind you may be asked to pay to return walls to their original color, or white.

7. Add window treatments

Looking for both design and privacy? Window treatments are an easy choice. Go for off-the-rack window treatments that can be used in a new home as opposed to custom sizes.

8. Use convertible furniture pieces

From coffee tables that transform into dining tables to shelves that can be used to make a makeshift bar, look for portable decor that is easy to install.

9. Swap out ceiling pendants

Let there be light! Swapping in a ceiling pendant or wall sconce or two is a great way to spruce up and brighten any space.

10. Integrate portable or removable built-in furniture

Looking for a way to have a built-in look that is also removable? Opt for shelves you can cut to size and take with you.

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