How hard is it to learn SEO?


“Is it hard to learn SEO from scratch?” is a question that comes up a lot. This is a fair question, since not everyone knows what search engine optimisation is or what it takes to do it.

It’s easy to figure out. SEO is hard to learn because there is a lot for search engines to read, and at first it can be hard to understand how the optimisation process works.

At first, it’s very different because, as a business, you need to know more than just SEO. You also need to know about search engines and digital marketing. In online marketing, it’s important to know how SEO works. If you start doing SEO now, the process will go much more smoothly and quickly.

But as a business owner, you should know this for yourself so that when you hire a managed SEO provider, you understand the terms and ideas they give to you. So, here is how you can start learning SEO right away. 

1. Learn how search engines work

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation,” and it helps to understand how search engines work because the whole point of SEO is to make your website more visible in search engines. It’s just like going to the library to look for a book you want to read. Since the book starts with a certain letter, the library has to put it on a shelf that starts with that letter so that people can find it. That’s about how search engines work. A website is like a book. Both are listed, and the way a user looks for information in a book and finds it is how search engines work. 

2. Know what part SEO plays in digital marketing

Before we get into the specifics of SEO, let’s talk about what it does for digital marketing. SEO is a part of what is called “search engine marketing.” SEM is the process of getting traffic from search engines, both naturally (through SEO) and through paid search ads. In internet marketing, SEM is one of the channels that can be used. Marketing through social media, email, material, and more are also ways to reach people. This means that SEO is not the same as paid advertising, and it is not the only part of search engine marketing.

3. Learn what SEO is and why it’s important

The next step is to understand what we really mean when we say “search engine optimisation” and why it is such an important process for any website. SEO is a set of rules that can be used on a website to make sure that related keywords show up at the top of SERPs (search engine results pages).

Why does that matter?

Most search engine traffic goes to the first five sites that come up in a search. This means that if you want Google and other search engines to send people to your website, it needs to come up first when people look for your business. 

4. Learn about the different SEO steps

Now that you know what SEO is, you should find out how it works. When optimising a website, you need to think about more than a hundred SEO ranking factors. These factors are broken down into sub-processes to make them easier to use.

Each subprocess is in charge of a specific set of SEO rules. These are the most important:

• Technical SEO: The process that makes sure the indexing part goes well.

• On-page SEO is the process of making sure that search engine robots can understand the text of a website.

• Off-Page SEO is the process of promoting your website on the web to get links from other websites. SEO links are a “sign of trust” that can help your website rise higher in search results.

5. Information about the keywords and how to find them

When you get to this point, you need to know that everything in SEO starts with keywords. SEO keywords are words or phrases that people put into search engines to find websites. If you’re good at the technical parts of SEO that have to do with infrastructure factors, the next step has to do with your keywords.

Keyword research is the process of finding the right words to use in your writing. That means that your managed SEO provider needs to take care of keyword study.

Some other important things

It’s also important to measure success. Once you understand how it works, you can start using SEO and setting KPIs to measure success. They will help you figure out where your SEO goals are taking you. 

SEO isn’t as hard to learn as some other things, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy. We hope that this piece has helped you figure out where to start. If your business needs more help, please write about it in the comments part below.

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