Design Recipes: How to refresh older homes, decor


Whether an item is inherited, vintage or purchased decades ago, how do you refresh an outdated look? Whether a property is showing signs of age or home decor feels tired and outdated, refreshing furniture and furnishings is similar to shining an old penny. In essence, it’s bringing out the best qualities of a space. When looking to refresh an older home or decor, here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. Highlight hardwood

Wall-to-wall carpeting is instantly an outdated look. These days people simply prefer hardwood flooring to carpeting. If needed, pull up/remove wall-to-wall carpeting to reveal what is often unused, beautiful hardwood.

2. Paint

From dirt to fading, nothing will help refresh a space like a fresh coat of paint.

3. Lightly renovate

A light renovation can include everything from replacing faucets and door handles to new doors and lighting.

4. Refresh primary furnishings

Primary pieces such as sofas, chairs and beds can help set the tone for the rest of the decor in a space.

5. Go neutral

Looking for a modern look? Colors such a black and taupe will help give a space an edge.

6. Declutter

Rooms often feel outdated when they are overstuffed with too much furniture. Go minimal when possible for a more modern look.

7. Add mirrors

Mirrors help reflect light and go a long way to help make a space feel bright.

8. Swap out older lighting

A modern light fixture can help refresh and elevate a space.

9. Infuse brass accents

Brass remains modern and refresh. From accent pieces to accessories, it remains on trend.

10. Cut out the crystal

Crystal decor elements automatically say “stuffy.” Instead, opt for smoky or clear glass, ceramics and metals.

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