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We would all like a strong relationship, the one where you can talk about anything with them and they don’t judge you in a way it can make you feel bad. Or maybe you never feel fully comfortable when they are out for the evening never knowing what they are doing even if they have not given you a reason to distrust them. 

If your relationship is in need of a pick me up and you both feel like you want a stronger relationship then read on, whether you have been together for a year or together 15 years with children your reltionship needs to be a priority. 

We can often put work first especially if you have a high powered job or run your own business. But you need to set a time each week to spend quality time together and not just talk about bills and children. This is your time to talk about your relationship and dreams for the future, often we put a lot of time and effort building up a strong relationship with collegues and business partners but fail to realise that our romantic partners need us too. 

Put your phone away and turn off any gadgets in the evenings or at least at the weekends and set an evening once a week for date night. If finding a babysitter is hard to do then plan a date at home. Put the children to bed early and order yourself a takeaway.

Don’t hold your problems inside, this can be damaging for a relationship, always aim to talk about whats troubling you as quite often what seems quite small at first can build up to be a bigger problem when gone over and over in your head. By all means talk to a trusted friend or family member but if the problem is to do with your partner they need to be the one you tell. 

Don’t share your problems on social media, this can be a bad idea especially if you are angry at the time as it can be hard to delete. 

Leave little love notes for each other, they don’t have to be soppy, just simple notes that say “I love you” or maybe a funny one.

And remember to have fun together, do the things that you did when you were first dating.


Quote “Every relationship goes through a struggle, but only strong relationships get through it.”


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