What Is Email Hosting For Multiple Domains?

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Effective communication is a crucial aspect of any successful personal or professional interaction. On a professional level, email communication is the main medium that facilitates important business interactions between different stakeholders.

Like domain and web hosting services are essential to improve overall organisational efficiency for a business website, choosing Email Hosting in Australia is necessary to streamline business communication the right way.

But did you know you can enjoy Email Hosting with multiple domains? In this blog, we will discuss all about Email Hosting for multiple domains and how it works.

About Email Hosting

Email Hosting is a service offered by multiple hosting or email service providers. It allows businesses to create and manage all the email addresses within the organisation using the company domain name. 

The impact of a professional email address with the company domain name is much higher when compared to generic email accounts like Gmail or Yahoo.

A personalised professional email automatically increases the customers’ trust while securing all the important data and communication shared via emails on the email server only. 

Moreover, no matter the organisation’s size or industry, Email Hosting promises better control of the company email accounts for faster accessibility, enhanced security, and improved management.

What is Email Hosting For Multiple Domains?

Email Hosting for multiple domains offers the same service as basic Email Hosting for a single domain. 

However, the key difference between the two is that with Email Hosting for multiple domains, businesses and individuals can centrally create and manage all different custom email addresses for any number of domains that they own. 

To understand better, here is an example.

  • Jane has 2 domains. One is her online corporate gifting shop with the domain name “allbusinessgifts.com”, and the second is her online blog and shop for lunch recipes and ingredients with the domain name “cookwithjane.com”. 
  • With the help of Email Hosting for multiple domains, she created custom email addresses for both domains on a single Email Hosting server.
  • For “allbusinessgifts.com”, she created “[email protected]”, “[email protected]”, and “[email protected]
  • For “cookwithjane.com”, she created “[email protected]”, “[email protected]”, and “[email protected]

How Does It Work?

The main purpose of Email Hosting for multiple domains is to streamline the complete management of all different custom email accounts on a single server platform. Here is how it works.

  • You must first select an Email Hosting provider that can support multiple domains.
  • Next, update your domain details to the Email Hosting service for each domain you own.
  • Move to modify the domain settings to include all the different domains you have registered to facilitate verification. This allows the chosen Email Hosting server to take charge of email management for all your verified domains.
  • Once the verification is completed, you can create custom email IDs for each domain.
  • After the setting up process is over, you can begin sending and receiving emails on your custom email addresses for each domain. 
  • For easier management, the Email Hosting service receives the email and delivers it to the right inbox of the designated domain name.
  • Email Hosting for multiple domains is a great solution for businesses and individuals who work with many domains or require separate domains for business activities. 
  • It allows better organisation of your email communications while showcasing professionalism and building trust with all the stakeholders, especially customers.


Email Hosting is a highly efficient management tool for multiple domains that simplifies sending and receiving emails and offers organisations and businesses centralised control and multiple customisation choices. 

Adding domain name customisation also helps promote better customer relationships, allowing organisations to experience increased professionalism, trust, and customer satisfaction. 

So, once you assess your business requirements, find the best business Email Hosting in Australia to witness a positive shift in business communication. 

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