Vivo Y12 Phones With Features That Are Truly Revolutionary


The Vivo Y12 is equipped with FunTouch OS 9.4 based on Android 6.0.The Vivo Y12 comes with a dual SIM (GSM compatible) and is equipped with built-in data backup. Data backup is very important on this device as it helps to recover lost or corrupt data. It can be accessed either by the data backup data from internal memory or external storage media.


Features include Super AMOLED liquid crystal display screen, Corning Gorilla Glass 4.6″ capacitive multi-touch screen, Hi-Resolution Audio Video Interplayner, capacitive keys for menu, email, dialer, games, Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi connectivity, Google Places, Google Maps, Google Now, Android Market, Android Wear, Android Auto, ZenFone 2.0 OS, and many more. The price of this handset is not cheap but it has a lot of high-end features.

If you are looking for a phone that can cater to all your personal needs, then vivo y12 is one of the best phones that you should consider. For business people, this phone is ideal as it comes with powerful features such as Call Detail Information, Call Recording, Caller ID, Call waiting, conference call, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), text to speech, and many more. The prices of this product are quite reasonable and it caters to all pockets and tastes. If you are still not satisfied with the features of this phone, then you can look out for other high-end phones in the market.

Innovative Features And Specifications

This product is the first of its kind and is targeted at the high-end segment of the market. It comes with innovative features and specifications that are designed to suit all kinds of needs. The price is relatively cheap but it comes with a lot of useful features. If you are planning to buy a Vivo Y 12, then you will surely find a good deal that suits your budget.

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