Style at Home: Try these summer scent pairings


I love to explore seasonal scents and pair them with looks. The aroma of a room is an important factor in creating the ambiance you want and should not be overlooked. It’s fun to tie candles into the color and overall vibe of the spaces in which you are lighting them. I took a few of our displays and chose candles I think complement and enhance the decor within.

This first area I chose is right inside our bright and airy front doors. Full of soft natural light and a wide range of wood tones, an earthy element permeates the space. There is a nice balance between the wood elements and the comfort of the upholstered pieces that look ready for an afternoon nap. With the lovely cream, blue and crimson fabrics, this setting just shouts weekend at the lake. For a scent pairing, we chose a subtle mix of water hyacinth, light moss, lily of the valley, freesia and soft woods that bring to mind the sunshine, fresh air and gentle waves of a Midwest lakeside escape. The aroma enhances the outdoorsy elements while keeping the relaxed sophistication of the furniture.

The next area is a table full of color and texture. This table display is bursting with bright citrus hues like lime, orange and yellow. The warm, summery atmosphere is accentuated with fresh blue and white French country style-woven chairs and a towering chinoiserie ginger jar that adds a dramatic flair. Overflowing vases of tulips are found throughout this impressive table and offset the many different table textiles, from napkins to table runners to the stunning green accent chairs. The scent that matches these elements perfectly happens to be a personal favorite of mine – Pickwick’s French Laundry. This blend of freshly pressed linens with subtle hints of citrus, rosemary and cedarwood is a great fit for this texture heavy table. Both clean and fruity, this candle will have your mouth watering at first sniff.

Another tabletop takes us to our final featured setting this week. This table has a completely different feel than our first citrus display. Where that one was bright and festive, this table is elegant and full of whimsy. A study in mixing dark textiles and light accents, this display is full of vivid hues, from purple glass to the striking gold-edged green glass dinner plates. The intricately textured goblets add an unexpected and fresh touch. The black napkins bring out the detailing in the cute insect salad plates and offset the table settings in a way that make them truly pop. The fruity and bright scent Kona Blue is perfect for bringing out the lighter aspects of this dining setup. Pickwick’s Kona Blue exudes a mix of fresh oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, ripe melon, peaches and kiwi for a sweet fragrance that is grounded by the added aroma of mountain greens. The perfect blend of sugary fruit and earthy vegetation is just as balanced and unique as the table display it represents.

Adapted from Katie Laughridge is the owner of Kansas City interior design destination Nell Hill’s. For more information, contact Katie at [email protected].

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