Re: Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue


Just wanted to thank whoever it was that recommended Complexion Rescue on another thread. So sorry I can’t remember which thread it was or the name of the poster, and I’m not even sure it was on this forum or the Beauty Forum. However, on the basis of the poster’s experience, I purchased CR from QVC for under the foundation and have been using it for the past week.


I love this product! It does a great job of coverage on the face, blends in easily, and looks great. The biggest challenge was making sure I got the right color. Nailed it! So glad I guessed correctly, as I didn’t want to go thru the wait of returning the product for an exchange. Although this can serve well on my face by itself, I followed it with the recent TSV of the foundation, veil, blush, etc.


I used the other suggestion the poster made, to follow with a very light application of foundation in the powder form, that came out well too. The first time my hand was a bit heavy on this, but the next day I learned that doing it lightly, just softly dusting the face with the foundation afterwards, was all I needed.


Have tried putting the veil over the foundation as a third step, but think it starts to look a bit too much stuff on me. That extra layer of veil is not necessary.


Followed with the blush and I must say, I LOOKED STUNNING! Smiley Very Happy


Again, thanks to the unknown, unnamed, much-appreciated poster for their suggestions!

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