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Windows are an essential part of every home. With this, you must be very careful enough in choosing the best window type that suits your needs. In connection to this, the following are some of window types that you can choose from to have an elegant and more convenient home. 

Fixed Windows

This is the simplest form of window that you can avail in the market. It is considered as the most weather-proof window since it cannot be closed or open. 1Remodel Window Remodeling

Sliding Windows

Sliding window is the best one for you if you want to easily close or open your window. Thus, it moves within its own plane. However, closing and opening this window requires extra effort this is why it is not suitable for the elderly. One disadvantage of the sliding window is that it cannot be open fully, so there is always a close fraction on it.  On the other hand, one advantage of this window is that it does not require a space outside the plane. So, it is perfect to use between two internal areas.

Casement Windows

The casement window has a hinge on its side and can be opened outwardly rather inwards. It is very easy to operate and specifically designed to resist wind and rain. However, this type of window is not advisable to use in a corridor thus it may block the way.

Single Hung Windows (Vertically Sliding)

This hung window slides vertically. It comes with a single fixed pane and sliding shutter. Like the sliding windows, the fraction of it cannot also be opened fully.

Double Hung Windows (Vertically Sliding)

It is composed of two sliding shutters, wherein one is directly above the other. In this window, you can only open the bottom or the top. In Europe, this window is commonly called as the sash windows.


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1Remodel Window Remodeling Construction Awning Windows or Ventilators

It was hinged on the top of its edge and can open upwards and out. The disadvantage of this window is that it is difficult to operate since it is heavy. The weight of this ventilators naturally forces it to close.

Pivoting Windows

This kind of window rotates on a vertical axis. It was placed in the center of the window to maintain balance. Pivoting windows are commonly used in church buildings. What makes it unique over the others is that it can be open half outside and on the inside. Meanwhile, the frame of the window must be well-designed to perform on its top function.   

Sliding Folding Windows or Bi-fold Windows

It is considered as one of the excellent quality windows. It can hinge out and slide on a single track. This window system is applicable for very wide openings. The alternate shutter was attached to the roller which enables to slide along the upper track of the window.


So, if you are planning to renovate your window area, you can choose from these types of windows. With this, you will know the perfect window system for your home. Meanwhile, to give one, 1Remodel is among the most trusted companies when it comes to your window needs. Choose them now! 

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