Plumber: Tub fillers are available to fit different deck layouts


Q: Ed: I’m installing a soaking bath with a two-handle tub filler mounted on the tub deck. But, I just realized a two-handle filler with a spout will take up too much deck space for my layout. I like the three-component faucet look, what do I do now?

— Joe, New York

A: Standard two-handle tub fillers are a popular choice, but they do take up deck space with a three-hole installation. If the soaking bath deck area is tight, single-handle tub fillers are available and use up less deck space. But with a one-hole filler installation, the single-handle control valve and the tub spout are combined into one component. This may not be good news if you like a multicomponent look.

The good news is a compromise is available if the deck area can fit a two-hole installation. In this case, the two-component tub filler takes up less space than a standard filler, while retaining a multicomponent look. It does this by mounting a single-handle control in one hole and a tub spout in the other hole.

I know this is a lot of information to soak in, so just remember: A single-handle, single-spout filler can give you the best of both worlds.

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