Plumber: Smart choices for electronic plumbing fixtures


Q: Ed: I visited a local plumbing showroom and was surprised at the number of electronic plumbing fixtures available on today’s market. They also seem pricey. Do you like any of these smart plumbing fixtures, or are they just a lot of hype?

— Tony, Texas

A: I’ve seen some high-tech plumbing fixtures with extreme features that might be a little more hype then helpful. But I’ve also seen very practical smart fixture features as well.

With that said, here are a few of my favorite high-tech plumbing fixtures that I have worked with over the years. To make my short list, I looked for affordability, usability and installation.

Powered bidet toilet seats

Electronic bidet seats install on your existing elongated toilet and can be loaded with options like a remote control, hot water washing and odor control.

Touchless kitchen faucets

Touchless kitchen faucets can even include voice commands for total hands-off operation.

Wireless speaker showerheads

These fun battery-powered showerheads not only stream water, they can also stream your favorite music inside your shower stall!

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