How to bring minimalist designs into your home


If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that less may be more. If you want to clear your home of clutter, a minimalist design can be the way to go.

“Minimalism for me is about keeping a space simple, uncluttered and accentuating the attractive architectural features of a space. The palette is mostly monochromatic and color is used as an accent,” Sharon Blaustein, founder and principal designer of B Interior, told Elle Decor.

Since decluttering is the way to go, Livspace says you’ll need to stick to keeping essentials on kitchen counters. Everything else should be stored in cabinets. White cabinets with a pop of color, such as a wine-red appliance, gives the illusion of more space.

For furniture, opt for statement pieces that can stand alone. HouseBeautiful suggests a clean-lined sofa for a loft living room. It also says to keep your layout timeless, with seating surrounding a coffee table.

“Skip trendy pieces that you’ll easily tire of and go for classics and future-heirlooms that will stand the test of time as the challenge with minimalist room decor is how little you have to work with, making each essential piece you do bring in all the more judged,” according to DecorAid.

Minimalist designs aren’t limited to seating and organization. You’ll want to decorate your space to match.

“Because a minimalist interior by definition won’t have many artworks on the walls, selecting the right ones becomes all the more important,” Artfinder said. “In a minimalist scheme, you’ll generally want a single artwork on an otherwise bare wall to provide a focal point for the room. It could be a large canvas, but sometimes a relatively small picture in a simple black frame is just as effective.”

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