Hand in Hand Parenting: The Podcast: You’re Invited To The Celebration


Oct 25, 2019

Happy 100!

This week – for our 100th episode –
we turned the microphone over to you all.

And we are SO excited to share this episode.

You’ll hear just what led parents to the Hand in Hand podcast,
the breathtaking transformations you have seen happen in your
parenting, and the different ways you all use the podcast from week
to week.

We’re thrilled and humbled by the community that has gathered
since we started the Hand in Hand Parenting podcast two years

This Week We Listen To Your Voices

Take a listen and see if you hear yourself!

There’s comments that’ll make you laugh, comments that’ll have
you nodding your head in agreement, and comments that will surely
tug at your heartstrings.

But at the centre of it all is immense caring,
movement and community.

And it’s so powerful!

Your good work is a force for change. You’re
telling us how your perspectives are shifting, and with them, your
struggles. We hear how you are becoming more playful with your kids
and more understanding.

You are embracing being the parents you knew you could be.

Triple yee-haa!

We wanted to thank you so much for being with
us each week because you are as much of this
podcast as us.

Get ready to be uplifted hearing all that you are and all that
you aspire to be. Listen to You’re Invited To The
Celebration now
. We can’t wait for you to hear this.

Oh, and a million hugs and thanks for everyone who sent
messages and emails to be included in this episode. We are touched
and honored by your contributions

More Resources for Getting The Support You Need As A

This episode shows just how valuable regular support and
guidance can be to your parenting. Do these three things to ensure
that you get that support for yourself:

  1. Join our Group. Did you know you can dive into
    our free
    Parent Connect group
    ? Our instructors are in there
    daily sharing tools, ideas and advice on Hand in Hand Parenting.
    Not on Facebook? We hear you, but this was the most accessible
    platform we could find. We think it’s worth joining just for this
  2. Keep up with Abigail. Abigail is about ready
    to release her own podcast. Every week she’ll be walking along with
    one parent, right in their shoes, working with them to flip their
    parenting challenges. Visit www.motherflippingawesome.com
    to see when it’s happening.
  3. Get weekly Hand in Hand Parenting
    inspiration right to your inbox. Every week we
    highlight strategies around a parenting challenge, share freebies
    and checklists, new videos and interviews, and show you how to make
    the most of Hand in Hand Parenting. You’ll also be the first to
    know when the podcast returns for its second series.

    Get it here

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