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Sharon Siegel’s company, Harmony Thru Design, combines her Professional Feng Shui techniques (the 5 transformations, compass, form, ming kwa, 9 star ki, flying star) with her design skills, melding them together by using exuberant paint colors, furniture placement and corrections to effectively support her clients in achieving their goals in their residential or business environment.

As an interior design feng shui consultant, Sharon works with all the feng shui techniques outlined above (see Feng Shui Design Page) and her design talents using a subtle approach and the corrections recommended are simple, direct and always within the budget of her client.

In a typical Interior Design Feng Shui Consultation, the client will be given an assessment of their residence or business and its potential for wealth, health, relationships and success. Any negative factors will be addressed and corrections will be outlined to this effect.

The environment will be broken down into sectors and each will be evaluated for its potential for creating wealth, health, relationship and success.

As an interior design feng shui consultant, Sharon will make design recommendations, supporting her clients in identifying the areas in their home or business that they need to improve and change.

After the feng shui consultation the client will receive reports, a copy of their floor plan with all the changes they need and specifically where they need to be made so It is easy for them to accomplish.

Sharon will prescribe specific corrections to suit the clients needs and will work their interior design taste.

She will work (for an additional fee) with her clients in choosing all the objects, materials (she is knowledgeable in working with green design and sustainability) and the redesign of the residential or commercial environment that enhance the effectiveness of the client’s goals and their environment.

effectiveness of the client and their living or business environments.


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