Design Recipes: Reflecting on mirrors


Mirrors come in different shapes and sizes and can be used in a myriad of ways. In some instances they can create a magical sense of openness while helping reflect light. They can even act as windows in spaces that don’t get much natural light. Beyond the single mirror, a common designer trick is to use a menagerie of mirrors.

Looking for tips for using mirrors? Here are some creative tips on how to use mirrors in unexpected ways.


1. Do use mirrors in pairings or groupings.

2. Do use mirrors that have flush or thin borders in modern, inspired spaces.

3. Do use mirrors in a grid formation in spaces in which you wish to have mirrors act as windows.

4. Do use mirrors to reflect and bounce color and light.

5. Do use mirrors in spaces where wall hanging may be difficult. Leaning and floor mirrors can still have an impact.


1. Don’t be afraid to hang mirrors either horizontally or vertically. Both can impact a space.

2. Don’t use mirrors that are too small. Mirrors can be used to help ground a space.

3. Don’t overlook an opportunity to use mirrors instead of artwork.

4. Don’t forget to be aware of what is being reflected in mirrors. Proper placement is key.

5. Don’t ignore the opportunity to use mirrors as an opportunity to bring in color through the selection of frames and finishes.

This story was originally published November 22, 2021 5:30 AM.

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