Design Recipes: How to live your best loft life


Lofts and loft-style spaces have an appeal all their own. Industrial and modern, depending on the space, they can often be challenging when it comes to furniture placement. In some instances, architectural features such as exposed brick walls, dramatically high ceilings and industrial features may dictate design direction.

Even so, some designer hacks can translate to nearly any loft-style space.


1. Reveal, don’t conceal. Instead of covering the natural features of the space such as exposed brick, allow these unique features to remain exposed.

2. Go graphic. From artwork to three-dimensional art, graphic elements can make a bold statement.

3. Consider a neutral design palette such as black and white.

4. Mix metals into the design for an industrial feel such as steel and brass.

5. Choose furniture of the appropriate size and scale. Low-backed furniture is often best.

6. Use lots of mirrors. Mirrors can not only help to bounce light but also create the illusion of windows.

7. Hire a professional for common renovation features such as creating kitchens, closets, bathrooms and built-ins.

8. Add natural elements. Driftwood, concrete and stone features look particularly good in industrial or loft-style properties.

9. Go light and bright as opposed to gloomy and dark. Often the desired feeling in a loft is the former.

10. Invest in bold and interesting art pieces. These can serve to enhance a gallery, industrial feel of a loft-style space.

This story was originally published November 1, 2021 5:30 AM.

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