3 unique lighting styles you can add to your home


When it comes to lighting your home, you don’t always have to stick to tried-and-true methods.

While floor lamps and recessed lighting are good standbys, why not shake things up with some non-traditional lights?

LoveProperty lists over 50 ways you can stylishly add lighting to the rooms in your home. Here are three ideas to help get you started.

Himalayan salt lamp

These lamps give a warm glow to a space.

“Himalayan pink salt lamps can still have an artistic look even when they aren’t on!” Wayfair said. “While the glow of Himalayan salt lamps might be a nice addition to your home’s overall lighting scheme in the evenings, pink Himalayan salt lamps make for great decorations throughout the day as well. When you don’t need a lamp option, a Himalayan salt rock will look like a natural stone decoration adorning your home.”

LED strip lights

There are many benefits to LED strip lights. In addition to the colorful glow they offer, they’re flexible. You can cut them down to the desired size and they’re easy to install. Just use durable tape and they’ll remain attached to a variety of surfaces, according to Luxx Light Technology.

Chicken-wire lamps

Lighting doesn’t just add brightness to your home — it can also add texture. For a rustic, farmhouse touch, a chicken wire lampshade can be a good option.

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