Style at Home: Summer seating for a chic lake house vibe


It’s the start of a lovely and leisurely lake season. Whether you just visit a lakeside abode and want to bring some of the magic back to your neighborhood for the summer or venture out to your special getaway, the rustic chic lake aesthetic is beloved by many.

To me, lake-inspired decor is fun, free and a bit whimsical. It brings to mind walks in the fresh air, lush greenery and sparking campfires in the evening. I for one can’t wait to be spending more time in the great outdoors as the seasons turn, and decorating my home and outdoor spaces is half the fun. While I wait to enhance my own yard, I had a lot of fun playing with new outdoor furniture in Mary Carol Garrity’s beautiful backyard.

When it comes to my outdoor spaces, I love to incorporate natural elements that blend with the surrounding beauty. This means a lot of natural wood in everything from my outdoor furniture to my tabletops. One of my favorite unique pieces of outdoor furniture this year is a treated teak root pub table and stools. The live edge wood gives off an organic and earthy feel that is truly stunning. It’s the perfect statement piece for wood lovers.

For a more traditional look, I love the classic look of bobbin chairs and a settee. The clean lines and light natural tone of the furniture pieces are airy and elegant while still casual. They are the perfect canvas for outdoor pillows and pops of color. Oversized cushions make for a comfortable spot when watching the sunset.

Mixing and matching different styles of wood gives a setting depth and interest. By balancing the sharp lines of a wooden table with naturally finished bamboo chairs, a tabletop can go from simple to stunning. While the legs on the campaign chairs mimic the warm teak of the bar top, the clean white canvas seats work with the traditional spool chairs and white wicker host and hostess chairs at the table for a seamless look throughout the backyard. We enhanced the table with more wicker and wood accents on the tabletop. Incorporating live plants into the centerpiece allows for even more of the natural surroundings to be brought into the design.

Creating a relaxing and beautiful outdoor space is an ongoing project full of finishing touches of planters and an occasional garden stool. Each year I find myself adding additions to my collection that bring a smile to my face and make for a special area for my friends and family to enjoy. I can’t wait to see what more I can find this year.

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