Style at Home: Embracing color


These last few weeks have left me feeling a bit blah. The gray skies and single-digit temperatures have me feeling sluggish and drained, and I’m in need of a change. What better way to add some pep to my step and some energy to my day than with a shot of color?

As painter David Hockney once said, I prefer living in color. To turn my frown upside down, I’ve been immersing myself in bright and cheery displays and soaking in every fun-filled hue. Although the days may be dreary and cold, that is no reason you or your home should be. This week I am talking tips for embracing color and bringing some much-needed energy to our homes and ourselves.

It’s OK to start small

Bringing color into your spaces can be intimidating and overwhelming. Keep the sweaty palms and heart palpitations at bay by adding one or two easily movable accessories to start. A lovely lamp, colorful cachepot or gorgeous ginger jar could be the key to opening the door to colorful décor. Adding a splash of vibrance to your space can make a big impact and give you an idea of where you want to bring even more hues into the mix. Another easy addition to begin with: accent pillows. With no shortage of textiles to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect shade and pattern to enhance your room.

Have an anchor for your colors

When our designers set about curating a new look for a space, they like to start with one focal point that sets them in a direction for making color and texture choices. Sometimes this is a large print pattern meant for window treatments; sometimes it is a dynamic rug; sometimes it is a bold piece of artwork. This becomes the anchor for the colors they introduce. Pulling complementing colors from this anchor creates a harmonious palette and complete look for a space and allows the eye to move freely throughout a room.

Let’s say you find a show-stopping floral print that takes your breath away, full of deep navy, fresh spring greens and popping electric pinks. In a bedroom, you can use that textile as the lead decorative pillow and pull inspiration for other elements in that space. Perhaps a hot pink lacquered side table to add some spice balanced with a dark and moody duvet the color of a midnight sky to ground it? Add in a delicate floral bedside chair to soften the look and you will be dreaming in full color.

Balance your space with neutrals

In décor, as with most things in life, balance and harmony are important. On the seesaw ride of decorating, it is important to pair colors with neutrals to achieve a feeling that looks intentional and even-keeled. I love using natural elements and textures such as wicker, rattan and wood furniture sprinkled throughout a space to achieve this. White and neutral sofas are another way to break up color and let your chosen hues truly shine (and as an added bonus, provide you with flexibility when you’re exploring your next color story). Do not be afraid of white and light-colored upholstery. With performance fabrics readily available, you won’t have too much additional stress about spills and stains. Having these neutral components adds much-needed calm areas to a space full of life and give your eye a place to rest.

Add a pop of paint (or a fun wallpaper)

Once you are feeling confident in your direction, you might be ready for a bigger step. We love to use vibrant paint colors to bring life and energy into our rooms. From hedge apple green to the deep and fiery red, a pop of paint can be a great finishing touch. We have used these colors for whole rooms, transitional spaces like hallways and even ceilings. If you are looking to take it even further, wallpaper is a fantastic way to add dimension and color to your walls. This is not your grandmother’s wallpaper we are talking about here in 2021. Thibaut and Schumacher have so many stunning patterns to choose from that color and pattern mixing with your fabrics and accessories is a dream.

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