Plumber: Shedding some light on kitchen lighting questions


Q: Ed: We’re doing a kitchen remodel to include light fixtures and I have a few questions. What is pendant lighting? Is it different from chandelier lighting? If so, how do the costs compare and are there advantages to pendant lighting fixtures?

— Gail, Michigan

A: From conversations I’ve had with lighting salespeople, the basic explanation on a pendant light seems to be that it hangs from the ceiling and through a various length wire, tube or chain, it supports only one decorative light.

This may differ from a chandelier that can support multiple lights on a single fixture. But definitions can be open for discussion, since lighting is a huge category with many variations.

As far as pendant light costs compared to chandeliers, you need to compare apples to apples and with that, chandeliers may cost more per fixture. However, you may need a few pendant fixtures in place of one chandelier light. For custom lighting, strategically placed pendant lights can have advantages.

Finally, for a bright idea you can even group several pendant lights for a fun chandelier-like look.

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