Plumber: Planning for the perfect pot filler


Q: Dear Ed: You sparked my interest with past articles on kitchen pot fillers. While doing research, I found wall-mounted or deck-mounted pot fillers. What are the differences, and what mounting style do you suggest for a full kitchen remodel job?

— Tony, Ohio

A: A pot filler is a fancy addition to any kitchen.

Basically it’s a cold water tap installed by the cooktop area. This eliminates filling pots at the kitchen sink.

Wall-mounted pot fillers have the water line installed inside the back wall behind the stovetop. Deck-mounted pot fillers have the water line installed under the kitchen counter next to the stove.

Wall-mounted fillers give you an attractive built-in look since only the valve and swivel spout assembly are exposed.

Deck-mounted fillers can have an advantage when adding a pot filler to an existing kitchen, because they install on the countertop. This may avoid the necessity to open up finished walls.

The drawback to the deck mount is they look like a very tall faucet with more of the fixture exposed compared to the wall-mount style.

Bottom line: If you plan to renovate your kitchen down to the studs, take advantage of the open walls and go with a hot-looking, pot-cooking, wall-mounted filler.

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