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There is no limit to the wonders of a good wood shelf. For those of us who love accessories (and have a vast collection) it is important we have the perfect piece to adorn with our favorite goodies. That means for me at least, the more shelves the better.

We love to play with oversized bookshelves and cabinets at the shop, forever moving them around and filling them with our go-to treasures that make for the perfect display.

The first step to creating the perfect shelf: location. Whether you’re placing a piece for looks or for function (or both), location matters and can have a major impact on your overall space. One of my favorite ways we are using shelves in the shop right now can be found in our newly painted Atchison entryway.

With open floorplans, it can be difficult to incorporate large pieces while still maintaining good flow. We have this same conundrum in this particular part of the shop. Luckily, our design team had a solution. We grouped four stand-alone etageres to create a wonderful room divider that is functional and gorgeous to look at from all sides.

Another favorite way we like to use large cabinets and shelves is as anchors behind dining tables. You can fill these hutches with practical items (one must keep those vintage plates stashed somewhere where they can be enjoyed by all), decorative items or anything you would want within reach during mealtime. Finding a piece with cabinets is a must for these rooms and is a great place to store seasonal plates and table accessories when they aren’t on display.

Etageres and slender cabinets are also fantastic pieces for “awkward” wall spaces. I’m talking the small spaces between floor to ceiling windows, gaps between closet doors, and even those skinny entry halls that look a bit too empty. With the range available in height and width for these fabulous wood pieces, there is always something that will fit your most difficult of spaces.

Once you’ve selected your piece and placed it in your room, it is time for the fun part: finding and displaying your beloved accessories and baubles. We love using books, both spine in and spine out, to bulk out our shelves in the shop and in our homes (at home, my spines are out). It is the perfect excuse to use figurines, ginger jars, bowls and even planters as book ends.

Our visual team also utilizes candle sticks and art as some of our favorite go-to items to have on display. Don’t forget the top shelf – it is a great space for larger items that wouldn’t otherwise fit.

Now is the perfect time to create a new display.

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