Pet-friendly designs to incorporate into your home


Animal lovers know that your pet is truly your family.

One way to integrate the furry companion into your life is to make your home seamlessly incorporate their needs.

From easy-to-clean sofas to wash stations, the steps you take to create your perfect oasis will also help make your house a home for your pet.

“Just as great design seamlessly melds fashion and function, the best pet-friendly kitchens create stylish, integrated spaces that allow your pets to be part of the family, without adding clutter or creating safety hazards for paws and tails,” HouseBeautiful noted.

Of course, you’ll want to take flooring into account, especially if you have a puppy or kitten. Flooring Inc. counts cork, bamboo, laminate, tile and vinyl among the best flooring for pets. These surfaces provide easy cleanup and are mostly scratch-resistant, or they hide nail marks more easily.

But your four-legged friend likely won’t always be on the floor. For those ever-special cuddle sessions, you’ll likely want them to snuggle up next to you on the couch.

In that case, Apartment Therapy advises you skip the velvet, chenille or silk. Instead, stick to fabrics with a tight weave.

“In terms of other fabrics, you can’t go wrong with microfiber or canvas. These materials are made to withstand all sorts of use, and are typically easy to clean and take care of,” the website said.

All those belly rubs are bound to work up an appetite, however. When that happens, you’ll want your pet to have a place where they can eat comfortably while not taking away from the aesthetics of your home. Feeding stations such as a build-out in the hallway or a buffet-style feeding station tucked into the kitchen island, as shown on Houzz, make for functional designs.

And how about bath time?

One of the most challenging moments for pet owners comes when you have to give them a good cleaning after a romp in the park.

Wash stations in the mudroom or laundry area can provide an easy spot for pet owners to freshen up their furry friends.

“A deep tub that is easy for your pet to access will allow you to keep your dog clean, no matter what it discovers in the backyard. You can even create a built-in crate in this room for your dog, giving it a safe and comfortable space to dry after a nice bath,” South Carolina-based Donald A. Gardner Architects said on its blog.

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