How to apply passport for infants


Passport is an important document issued by the government. It is the document that is used for personal identification as it shows the person’s citizenship, the permanent address, age and such. One should carry this document whenever they travel to other countries because this is the first document that is asked for the identity verification. Since a passport is utmost importance, it is necessary that everyone should know how to apply for it. Though a relatively easy process, application of an infant’s passport can be a confusing task if one is not sure of the procedure. Read on to learn more about the process of passport application for passports for infants.

Step 1: Getting Birth Certificate:

The first and foremost thing to do is to apply for the child’s birth certificate. Depending on the place of birth, the certificate is issued by respective government body like municipal office. The hospital also has the responsibility to collect the details of the child from the parents and send it to the respective government body. The parents should mention all the details very clearly and precisely. It takes about two weeks to a month to get the birth certificate. Nowadays, with the advent of digitization, depending on the state one can get a digitally signed birth certificate with an application number. All the details of the application can be checked online using the application number. Parent passport copy has to be provided for spelling proof. This is the most important document required for getting a passport for infants.

Step 2: Passport Seva Website

The next step is to register and create an account at Passport Seva website: . While registering if it is not possible to find the exact passport Seva Kendra centre in the drop down then select the head of the state. Make sure all the details you enter are correct and go through it for one last time before continuing the application. One should have a valid email ID to receive link that is needed for the activation for the account. Once the account is activated then the second step is done.

Step 3: Application Receipt

As per the rules mentioned in the passport website senior citizens and minors can walk directly into the passport office without any prior appointment which is not usual in other case. Parents should have the print out of application receipt and cash, to pay the required fee.

Optional Method:

After registering and activating the account in the website one can login to schedule appointment. There is a service available in the website called “pay and schedule appointment “which allows to schedule appointment. The payment has to be done before scheduling an appointment. The payment can be done using a challan or visa/master card. There is no hassle in this process and slots are available at about 3 to 4 days before the actual appointment date.

Documents to be carried:

Birth certificate issued by the government body.

Proof of present address.

Parents have to print and acknowledge Annexure H from the Passport Seva Kendra website.

Passport photo of child with white background.

Application receipt

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