How can link building help improve SEO ranking?


When working on SEO, we often come across the term “link building” many times. It is considered one of the influential factors to improve your SEO ranking. But, does link building exactly do? And how does it drive traffic to the website?


These are common questions one might ask if they’re new to the world of SEO. As complex as it looks, link building is a pretty simple concept. Let’s dive into its world now and grasp some actionable tips for growing the business.


What is link building?


When other websites mention your website in their content or suggest your link, it is called link building. In simple words, the more websites cite your website link in theirs, the more traffic you gather thus, improving your SEO ranking. However, your website is gauged by the quality links you collect.


How to create quality links?


A few common ways to build links is by creating and sharing relevant content through blogs and social media. Email marketing is also an effective means to build quality links. Apart from these, here are some pointers for you to consider while checking the quality of the links,


  • Is the link being placed naturally by the writer or, does it seem pushy?
  • Is the link mentioned in the content?
  • Does the link come from an authority site?


A link from a website such as Wall Street Journal would mean quality because it is influential and authoritative. Now, how much response would you expect from a rookie website? Nothing much, right?! The search engine considers authoritative websites the base parameter to check your link’s quality.


How to improve your visibility?


As mentioned above, creating quality and engaging content is one of the right ways to access more backlinks. It’s not wrong when they say that the content is the king!


Understanding the nerve of the audience and creating content that relates to them is highly essential. Use infographics, images, gifs and charts to attract the viewers.


Consider emails as your key to accessing the ocean of potential leads. While blogs and posts engage the audience, emails are the ones that elevate the engagement to business propositions.


Find the relevant connections using, a highly efficient email search engine. Its latest Chrome extension lets you find the contacts right from your Gmail inbox tab!


Improving visibility also means that your content needs to be original and cite the latest research links.


How to build links?


You don’t have to collaborate with a content writer only and create hundreds of articles with your links. All you need to do is to understand how the SEO world works and use the opportunities you find like,


Broken link building: Many sites link to websites that have 404 errors. Identify such websites and get in touch with the owner to replace that broken link with yours.


Missing backlinks: It is also possible that the links you already have shared previously are now broken. Spend some time reviewing your old links and get back in touch with the website’s owner.


The classic post: Offer to write a guest post on different websites. Some owners might charge you for posting it on their website, while others might offer to write on their own for a minimum fee.


So, here are a few crucial points to know about link building. Are there any other points you want us to mention? Let us know in the comment section below.

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