DIY Wood Bead Floral Wreath


Easy to make Wood Bead Wreath for makers of any level, and perfect to display for spring or ANY time of year!

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Apparently we were WAY ahead of the trend when we featured a wooden bead wreath back in 2011! We should have ran with it, we’d be rich, muah ha hah *insert evil voice here* 😉

These easy to make wood bead wreaths are all over Pinterest and gaining popularity by the day!

EASY to make for DIYers of any level, click through for the simple how-to! Wood Bead Wreath with Florals that perfect for spring or any time of year! #wreath #wreathdiy #diywreath #springwreath #wreathsofinstagram #diyspringdecor #springdecor #woodbeadwreath

Wooden Bead Floral Wreath

How to easily make a wood bead wreath! SO CUTE! Love this trendy wood bead floral wreath, follow this tutorial to make your own! #woodenbeadwreath #woodbeadwreath #woodbeadfloralwreath #diy #howto #frontdoorwreath

There are a couple of ways to make them but we’ve scoured Amazon and the big craft stores to find the best prices aaaaand have researched durability at the same time.

How to make a wood bead wreath, perfect for your front door wreath! Follow these easy tips to create a trendy wreath idea! #woodbeadwreath #woodbeadfloralwreath #howtomake woodbeadwreath #woodenbeadwreath

We originally saw this gorgeous wood bead floral wreath from our pal Peony & Honey. Luckily for us, she made a Christmas version so we were able to get the step by step to make a gorgeous wood bead wreath.

Gorgeous Wood Bead Wreath! #woodbeadwreath #howtomakewoodbeadwreath #woodenbeadwreath #diy #tutorial #outdoordecor

Since the 2″ wood beads are super pricey, we decided to use the split wood balls instead.

We found a 16 pack for $13.99 which makes them $0.87/each versus the 2″ doll head beads in hobby stores for about $1.50/each.

Where to get split wood balls to create a wooden wreath tutorial. DIY Wood Bead Wreath, oooh it's SO good! Click to seeeee! #wreath #wreathdiy #diywreath #springwreath #wreathsofinstagram #diyspringdecor #springdecor #woodbeadwreath

That doesn’t sound like much but when you’re using 13+ beads per wreath, it adds up!

(Please share in comments if you’ve found a better bead resource!)

You can definitely use smaller beads to save money but we love the look of the chunky beads, personally. Check out our wreath pin board for a variety of ideas.

Supplies to Make a Wood Bead Floral Wreath

Step by step to make a wooden bead wreath. Such a fun way to greet guests as easy outdoor decor! #woodbeadwreath #howtomakewoodbeadwreath #woodenbeadwreath #diy #tutorial #outdoordecor

  • Wood Wreaths (These are the only ones I could find online, they’re 12″. My wreath forms are 16″ from Michaels)
  • 2″ Split Wood Balls 16 pack (I used 1 pack per wreath.)
  • Assortment of Faux Flowers, a Bouquet and a Berry Stem.
  • Floral Wire (You can also use hot glue but I will likely swap my flowers seasonally so I’m keeping this option open for easy removal.)
  • Command Strips (For hanging: you can place the beads in between the metal hook.)

Other supplies/ways to create this wreath:

  • You can use a metal hoop instead of the flat wreath we used. If using a metal hoop, you’re able to simply string the beads through it. You’ll need to snip the hoop first to get the beads on, then glue the cut piece back together. Be sure your beads holes are the same width so they’ll be able to slide on easily. You can always drill a bigger hole, if needs be.
  • If you choose this method, you can glue the flowers directly to the beads or save on beads and follow Peony’s how-to. She glued a foam backing to one side of the hoop then stabbed the flowers on the front side to hide the foam. You could also use a piece of cardboard, in place of foam, then glue directly to the cardboard.

How to make a wood bead floral wreath

Learn how to make this easy wooden bead wreath with florals. Such a fun front door wreath with natural wood beads and pretty florals and berries. #woodbeadwreath #floralwreath #howtomakeawreath #easywreathtutorial #splitwoodbeadwreath

Making this wood bead floral wreath is so easy, here’s the easy steps that should only take you half hour (or less!)

Hot glue 16 beads onto your wreath form.

How to make a Wood Bead Wreath, hot glue these large beads on form then follow the rest of this EASY DIY to finish it off, (full tutorial on!) #woodbeadwreath #howtomakewoodbeadwreath #woodenbeadwreath #diy #tutorial #outdoordecor

Aaaah look at that immediate progress, love it already!

Gorgeous Wood Bead Wreath... fits ANY style! Boho? Yep. Modern? Yessiree! Farmhouse? You betcha. Snag the FULL how-to with more supplies to see how it looks completed! #woodbeadwreath #howtomakewoodbeadwreath #woodenbeadwreath #diy #tutorial #outdoordecor

Wrap wrap wrap! Take floral stems apart and wrap with wire, trim with wire snips.

Tightly wrap leaves around wreath form first.

How to make a Wood Bead Wreath, so easy! Grab these supplies to make the easiest statement piece for your own front door! #wreath #wreathdiy #diywreath #springwreath #wreathsofinstagram #diyspringdecor #springdecor #woodbeadwreath

Wrap largest faux flowers around leaves next then tuck smaller flowers around larger florals and wrap securely.

If there’s any gaps, tuck more greenery in then wrap with floral wire securely until it’s to your liking.

DIY pretty floral wreath with berries and wood beads. So easy to make this flower wreath with wooden beads and cute berry stems! #woodenbeadwreath #woodbeadwreath #splitwoodbeadwreath #flowerwreath #floralwreath #howto #diy

how to hang a wood bead floral wreath

I hung my wreath from my command strips. I simply set the wreath on top of it, in between 2 beads. I used the metal command hooks for this reason, to get a tight fit. No moving when the door is being slammed by kids all day long. 👍

You can also screw cup hooks into your door then hang the wreath with ribbon or clear fishing line.

Wood Bead Wreath with Florals that perfect for spring or any time of year! EASY to make for DIYers of any level, click through for the simple how-to! #wreath #wreathdiy #diywreath #springwreath #wreathsofinstagram #diyspringdecor #springdecor #woodbeadwreath

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Ohhh my. Should we even admit HOW many more wreath tutorials we have? Okay we will… you’re welcome: one for every day of the week, pretty much! Ha!

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How to make wood bead wreaths with hot glue and floral wire. SO EASY! Love this easy to make wreath tutorial, so pretty! #woodbeadwreath #woodenbeadwreath #howtomakewoodwreath #woodbeadfloralwreath


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