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Casement windows have side-mounted hinges that are an ideal choice for property owners out there. Typically, they open outwards, which is much easier to operate than other types of windows in the market.

A fully open window

Having windows that can be opened and closed is an important advantage when you rely on cross ventilation to cool your entire house. When you live near a lake, these windows will give you a lot of benefits. To name one, you can swing them open, which is the most hassle-free solution than double hung, sliding, and fixed windows.

Few Muntins and good views

Muntins are strips of wood, fiberglass, vinyl or metal that divide the panes of glass within a particular type of window. Some people prefer them but others do not. When you are the former, casement windows are what you need. Just choose the single-sash casements as they do not have these strips at all. This maximizes your chance to see a better, more stunning and magnificent views outdoors.

Casement Windows 1 RemodelSide breezes

In times of a hot season, you do not need to usually turn your air-conditioning system on with these casement windows. Once you open them, side breezes can go in and out of your home, leading to an entirely convenient ambiance and non-stop savings in your electric bills.

Better security

Generally, these kinds of windows are durable and long-lasting enough that cannot allow intruders. When one of your expensive possessions were stolen before because of poor windows, the casement ones are far different. Rest assured they can provide a better security you need in the first place.

A range of design features. Casement windows provide a variety of aesthetic design features such as pushout, top-down grille, prairie grill, French, flat top, etc. But they can also be customized for the size and color you desire for. When it comes to the typical materials, they include steel, clad, aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass. Thus, choosing the design that best suits to your home will be much headache-free. Plus, the remodeling and construction expert of your choice will start transforming your house up to the one you yearn for.

1Remodel Construction Contractor


The price of the casement windows depends on the material, labor, supplies, and tools. Most commonly, they are going to be expensive. Here at 1Remodel, we provide our products with a competitive rate. They have a reasonable price that would become money-saving in the long run. Rest assured, we can reduce unnecessary window repair and replacement expenses shortly. Our windows come from high-quality materials that can last a lifetime.


Casement windows have three different forms such as a single frame, double and push-out casement windows. The first is the standard one that has only one structure. The second was called French casement windows before and the push-out may either come in single or double styles. It has a handle, not a crank.

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