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If you are a residential roofing contractor you likely buy contractor roofing leads to supplement your business marketing activities. You probably do this even if you have had mixed results in the past.

So why should you do this? Basically it’s really very simple to understand. Because contractor roofing leads potentially offer high return on your marketing investment.

When you buy contractor roofing leads that are of good quality, your sales staff has a good chance of closing a high-value, homeowner roofing project. Generally that’s lots of money you will earn if it is a full roof replacement.

However, if your new to this experience, when you buy contractor roofing leads, there are a variety of factors that you should consider. Especially if you want to have your sales staff convert these leads into homeowner sales.


Let’s discuss these factors before you buy contractor roofing leads or any other type of home improvement lead. Besides, like any type of business investment, the more you know, the more likely you will successful with the results of your decision.


All of your business marketing activities should have as their primary goal that of generating home improvement leads. Generally any potential sale always starts with some type of lead, regardless of source.

While your marketing activities focus on generating contractor leads, the option to buy contractor roofing leads can complement your marketing investment plan. Moreover this is particularly a viable option when your internal activities are not meeting your own business needs of lead volume, quality or cost.

When you buy contractor roofing leads you are essentially outsourcing a portion of your marketing activities to an expert third-party service provider. Correspondingly this is just like the maintenance of your website, company vehicles, media advertisement, etc.


When you buy contractor roofing leads you need to determine their overall value versus your other investment options. Following are general guidelines for you to consider:

  • The price of the contractor roofing lead;
  • The ease of contact and interest level of the homeowner;
  • The number of competing local contractors for the same roofing project;
  • The likelihood of converting the homeowner lead prospect into a roofing sale.

The price of a contractor roofing lead is relative to the potential revenue return you that you desire. Specifically, if three contractor roofing leads on average result in one roofing sale of $4,000 and you are willing to invest 5% of marketing sales, than contractor roofing leads with a price up to $66 (($4,000 x 5%)/3) are a good value for your business.

The ease of contacting the homeowner and level of interest in a near term roofing project will determine your personnel costs and lead return value. Consequently, the easier it is to contact an interested homeowner and convert to a sale, the better the overall value of the contractor roofing lead.

The number of roofing contractor competitors you face for a particular roofing lead project will affect your bidding strategy and likelihood for success. Generally less bidding competition on a particular roofing project is better in terms of your profitability and potential success.

The lead conversion rate will reflect the accuracy and quality of the contractor roofing lead. Also how often it shared with other residential contractors. Basically if you buy contractor roofing leads that are exclusive, you competition is very low. Conversely, your competition is high if they are shared multiple times with other contractors.


If you choose to buy contractor roofing leads you need to know how often they are “shared” by your lead provider.  Since the more times they are sold (shared) to multiple contractors, the more local competition you will face for the home improvement project.

Generally home improvement shared lead providers will sell a roofing lead up to a maximum of four contractors. However, there are other home improvement lead providers that do not have any limit on the number of times a lead is sold to a contractor. Caveat Emptor.

Conversely, there are other contractor lead providers that will only sell a roofing lead to one contractor, i.e. an exclusive lead. Obviously the benefit to a residential contractor is limited local competition and greater likelihood of winning a homeowner roofing sale.

The accuracy of the roofing lead content is generally similar, whether shared or exclusive. But its relative value to a contractor is very different. However the cost and aging of these different types of leads will vary greatly. So is their potential sale conversion for the roofing contractor.

For example, if it takes takes a minimum of four shared roofing leads to convert into a homeowner sale (25% conversion rate) while it takes only two exclusive roofing leads (50% conversion rate), you should be prepared to pay at least twice as much for an exclusive roofing lead. Also, there are the additional costs of processing four (shared) rather than two (exclusive) roofing leads by your sales staff.

Consequently you can use both shared and exclusive contractor roofing leads based on how the numbers work out for you. Overall it is just a matter of your ROI.

Buy Contractor Roofing Leads
Verified Roofing Leads


Verified contractor roofing leads are generated by lead providers using homeowner Internet inquiry forms together with call-center agent verification with the homeowner. Consequently the Internet form request quality is much higher since it entails human interaction with the homeowner.

The call-center agent process involves verifying:

  • Homeowner Contact Information;
  • Home Improvement Project Details;
  • Interest Level, Wants And Concerns;
  • Time Frame To Start Project;
  • Available Financial Resources.

At the completion of the dialog with the homeowner, the call center agent will set the expectations for scheduling the initial telephone conversation with the contractor. Afterwards the roofing contractor schedules the home site visit and proposal offer.

The cost of an exclusive, verified roofing lead will be significantly higher due to higher labor costs and lower volume. However, the cost per sales appointment will be less. Especially given the roofing lead’s higher quality and homeowner interest level. Correspondingly it is again a matter of ROI.


Roofing contractors use a variety of marketing activities to promote their business and generate sales leads. Overall the types of marketing activities reflect what the contractor perceives to offer a high return on investment.

Following are popular residential contractor marketing activities:

  • Company Website;
  • Internet Pay-Per-Click Advertisement;
  • Social Media Advertisement;
  • Display Publicity And Marketing Brochures;
  • Third-Party Contractor Leads.

If you don’t buy contractor roofing leads because of other marketing priorities or lack of belief, you should reconsider. Whenever you invest in any business marketing activities, your goal is to generate contractor leads, sales and new customers.

Instead, you simply have chosen not to outsource part of your marketing lead generation activities to an external lead provider. Basically you should adjust your perspective and buy contractor roofing leads to complement, rather than substitute your other marketing investments.


When you buy contractor roofing leads of quality, you have a good chance of closing a high-value roofing project. Consequently you should invest in contractor roofing leads: 1) to complement your existing business marketing activities; 2) be based on value; 3) sharing level; 4) being verified; and 5) indirectly you already do so.

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