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Wake & Wag Pet Bed. Read our hands-on review with this new dog bed which incorporates patented SKYDEX technology designed for and used by the US military. What can be cooler than that? This super-light dog bed promises to be a more durable alternative to traditional memory foam and is also easier to clean, stays cooler during hot weather and lighter and easier to manage.
You have to read the full review, we love this product! 

Our first impression: WOW! We receive hundreds of product submissions and many of them are pet beds. The last thing we expected was to find an innovative bed that utilizes actual patented, military technology. This bed features a completely removable, washable cover and SKYDEX padding that is actually designed for the US military for use in military vehicle flooring and combat training walls. What you get is one freakin’ durable dog bed. After examining our complimentary sample sent to us from Wake & Wag, we have one question for them: When are you going to make these for humans?

Like a cloud. Very impressed with how light and comfortable this dog bed is. In fact, we were blown away with the construction and technology incorporated. Felt like the bed was filled with air and felt like lying on air but also felt substantial enough to easily support a large dog.

Durable and easy to clean. A removable cover is a must-have for any pet bed looking to prove to be a lifelong investment. The durable, canvas style fabric which is easily removed and washed. Piping along the top of the bed reinforces seams to provide an even more resistant cover. A smooth zipper and perfect stitching contribute to the overal wonderful craftsmanship.

No guts, no glory. The downfalls of memory foam is that it absorbs moisture and odor which along with its delicate nature makes it very hard to clean. It also does not keep its firmness, is very heavy and traps body heat easily. This impressive military technology creates a lightweight, durable, cleanable, breathable and extremely comfortable alternative to memory foam bedding. It appears so light that it appears that when pressure is applied, it would just pop like bubble wrap but we found it to surprisingly provide plenty of support, almost magically!

Easy to clean. Like we said, the cover can be easily machine-washed to remove any odors. The interior can be sprayed with your favorite pet cleaner and hosed down. This prohibits and odors, bacteria or fleas.

A handle…revolutionary. Two-sided design allows you to choose which color to display. Pictured also is the handle which allows the bed to be easily moved, a design feature possibly unique to the Wake & Wag bed. Considering how light the bed is, especially compared to traditional stuffing filled beds, it is ironic that they have the handle but it actually is very useful.

Looking to buy? The Wake &Wag pet bed is available through their website and Amazon. It is available in three sizes: medium, large and x-large ranging from $109 to $289.

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