Designs to cool down your home this summer


You don’t have to sacrifice design for comfort in the summer. Many good-looking pieces can offer decor and function, according to experts.

One easy fix is to change your bedding to lightweight fabrics.

“Nighttime can be the worst time for feeling the summer heat,” Movoto real estate website states. “You probably put away the heavy comforter and blankets during hot weather, but choosing the right fabrics can help you stay cooler, too.

“Natural textile fabrics like cotton and bamboo wick moisture away from your body while you sleep, keeping you more comfortable. They’re a good choice for blankets, sheets, pillowcases and even sleepwear.”

Another space-brightening approach is painting the walls white. This not only helps make a room appear bigger, but it reflects light. That leaves you feeling cooler.

“What’s more, it works no matter your aesthetic or room type. Whether it’s a modern kitchen, deco living room, or country-inspired bedroom, white is a great palette to begin your decor process,” design-inspiration website MyDomaine said. It suggests using stark-white paint in south-facing rooms.

You don’t have to limit these cool-down designs to inside your home. Warmer months are popular times to spend outdoors. Consider upgrading your yard with a tree to offer shade. Or install a trellis or pergola and grow ivy over it, House Beautiful suggests.

“Not only will this provide some cool escapes within your garden, but will boost the attractiveness of the outdoor space,” it said.

When you’re ready to return inside, keep doors open to act as a bridge between the inside and outside.

“Close off unused rooms to prevent warm air from permeating these areas during the hottest part of the day. Capitalize on the cooler night hours by allowing air to flow naturally through your home,” House Beautiful said.

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