Design Recipes: How to make your space shine with midcentury modern design


Midcentury modern design is more popular than ever. Is it making a comeback? Or has it never really gone away?

Whether you want a modern, minimalist look or a classic and timeless space, midcentury modern design may be the ideal aesthetic to help make your space shine.

How do you get started? And what furniture pieces should you choose? Here are some top tips.

1. Consider shag or sheepskin. These high-texture textiles can be incorporated into a space either as floor coverings or throws.

2. Choose bold, colorful, graphic prints when looking to make a statement with art.

3. Look to acquire classic midcentury modern pieces like dining tables and chairs.

4. Incorporate metals and finishes such as brass, which remains the go-to midcentury modern finish.

5. Consider using black-and-white prints in place of traditional artwork.

6. Go for both matte and shine. Lacquer comes in all levels of shine. You can use both matte and high gloss for a midcentury modern vibe.

7. Bring in the wood. Wood pieces and those made from artisans are great ways to infuse midcentury modern into a space.

8. Go industrial. Many industrial-style pieces also lend themselves to a midcentury modern design aesthetic.

9. Consider leather. Leather or Naugahyde are durable choices for midcentury modern decor.

10. Be creative with color. Beyond classic colors such as black and white, consider other colors when it comes to leather such as butterscotch or saddle.

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