Contractor Live Transfer Appointments – Would They Work For You?



Contractor live transfer appointments can be the ultimate way to jump start your contractor company sales. They can be an expensive marketing investment, so make sure that your company takes full advantage of their sales potential. In brief, make contractor live transfer appointments pay off really, really well.

If you are a residential contractor you know that you only buy contractor leads to generate homeowner appointments. So, if you can buy pre-scheduled homeowner appointments, transferred directly to your sales staff, there are potentially lots of benefits.


Each residential contractor has some type of sales process to get new sales opportunities. Basically this starts with the sales staff prospecting for leads, then qualifying these leads into prospects and then filtering these prospects into sales opportunities which are your homeowner appointments.

Investing in contractor live transfer appointments eliminates the above sales process entirely. Specifically a portion of your company’s appointment setting process can be outsourced to a third-party service provider.

Your contractor company probably has many instances where it chooses to use third-party outsourcing rather than doing it in-house. The basic idea is that your company benefits by reducing costs, improving quality, or does not have the resources or expertise to perform the function in-house.

Let’s discuss how best to leverage the marketing option of using contractor live transfer appointments within your existing sales process. Afterwards you will likely find that your sales staff will be enthusiastic supporters of your making this decision. Basically because there will be more homeowner sales opportunities (appointments).

After all, with higher closing ratios and sales commissions, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of this service? Consequently, as the business owner, if your field sales staff is happy, you should be happy.

Because sales, as you know, is the engine that powers your contractor business and where the money comes from.

1 – What Are They And How Do They Work?

Contractor live transfer appointments are pre-qualified homeowners that wish to immediately talk with a local contractor about their project needs. Because the homeowner has been pre-qualified via telephone by a call center agent and has pre-scheduled an on-site appointment, it is considered to be the highest interest level contractor sales opportunity.

The process follows these general steps:

  • The call-center agent filters the homeowner sales opportunity using the contractor’s specific requirements (service type, location, project start time, etc.).
  • A warm live transfer telephone call is made to the contractor’s internal sales staff.
  • A live introduction of the homeowner to the contractor’s internal sales staff is performed.
  • Simultaneously the call-center agent electronically passes the homeowner’s contact and pre-scheduled on-site appointment information.

Throughout the course of this process an automatic voice recording is performed by the call center. Overall, this is done for security of the homeowner and quality audit control by the call-center. Subsequently this voice recording is provided to the contractor for their internal review. Accordingly the contractor management can use this as a tool to refine their internal sales staff process.

2 – Contractor Live Transfer Appointments – Benefits

Any experienced residential contractor understands painfully well the wide variety of quality in sales leads. Basically this quality ranges across the spectrum from a complete waste of your sales staff’s time to manna from heaven.

Following are various benefits to a contractor company leveraging the marketing option of contractor live transfer appointments.

Competitive Advantage

The contractor’s internal sales staff connects with the homeowner the moment that they are emotionally committed to receiving additional information. As a result there is a greater likelihood of converting the sales opportunity (appointment) into a sale.

There is a 100% contact rate between the homeowner and the contractor sales staff. (Of course, this assumes that the transfer call is always answered. ) Consequently your internal sales staff is more motivated and productive.

There is complete transparency in the sales process and communication. Accordingly, contractor management can assess the performance of it’s internal sales staff. Additionally the quality of the contractor live transfer appointments provider can be assessed.

Contractor Exclusivity

The contractor’s sales staff has exclusivity of the homeowner’s mindshare during the course of their telephone conversation. In other words, with the pre-scheduled appointment already in place, there is less likelihood of other local competitor visits. Correspondingly, this results in increased homeowner site visit sales conversions.

A homeowner can obviously reach out for additional contractor proposals at any given moment. So it is in the hands of the contractor’s internal sales staff to staff off the local competition.

Contractor Revenue And Profitability

As previously mentioned, a contractor chooses to outsource a portion of their internal appointment setting process for various reasons. Generally this is done to leverage the expertise, infrastructure and cost savings of the service provider.

Hence the direct cost to the contractor company is quantifiable, lower and likely higher in quality. As a matter of fact, few contractor companies can assign a direct cost to generate a homeowner appointment.

The contractor’s internal and field sales staff will be more productive using contractor live transfer appointments for reasons previously mentioned. Consequently this will reduce administrative and sales personnel costs.

Also there is an increase in the percentage of homeowner appointments converted to sales. As a result this produces a higher return on the marketing investment.

Contractor Live Transfer Appointments
Homeowner Relaxing

3 – Contractor Company Considerations

Most contractors should invest in different types of sources that can result in producing a consistent flow of homeowner appointments. Likewise, the return on your marketing investment will vary dramatically depending how well your internal sales staff uses these sources.

Before starting, it is necessary for a contractor to do a self-appraisal. This includes the internal sales staff, their experience, limitations and what works well for them. Basically it is not a wise investment in contractor live transfer appointments if they can not work them successfully.

Generally a small, experienced internal sales staff will benefit from lower volume but higher quality contractor live transfer appointments. Whereas a larger, less experienced internal sales staff, will need a higher volume (lower quality) due to cost considerations.

When you invest in contractor live transfer appointments here are general guidelines for you to consider:

  • Answer the live transfer calls consistently, professionally and quickly.
  • Assign the live transfer calls to your most experienced sales staff, your closers.
  • Get all the pertinent homeowner information during the initial live transfer call to prepare for the on-site visit.
  • Advise, IN ADVANCE, the contractor live transfer appointment provider of changes in office hours, holiday coverage and appointment scheduling.
  • Remember that this will likely be the homeowner’s first impression of your contractor company.

4 – Contractor Live Transfer Appointments -So, Should I Buy?

Well, setting up contractor appointments is your end-goal, isn’t it? So, buying contractor live transfer appointment will work for a contractor as long as you get a comparable or better return on your investment versus having your internal sales staff generate them.

A contractor will need to track ALL THE COSTS related to generating an internal homeowner appointment. Conversely, the cost of purchasing a contractor live transfer appointment from a third-party provider is clearly known and visible.

Also you will need to track the quality of the homeowner appointments using the percentage of sales conversion as a metric. Because, all homeowner appointments flow from your internal sales staff, the results should be approximately the same.


We reviewed aspects of contractor live transfer appointments to determine how it can help your contractor business. Afterwards you will likely reach the conclusion that this should begin a new chapter in conducting your contractor business.

Please Contact Us for a free, no obligation conversation about our exclusive, contractor live transfer leads and how we can help grow your business.


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